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Virtual Meeting on October 20, 2014

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Meeting was planned to be held on TeamViewer, but due to technical problems moved to Skype (sic!)


  • Martine Lenders(FU Berlin)
  • Lotte Steenbrink (HAW Hamburg)
  • Thomas Eichinger (FU Berlin)
  • Martin Landsmann (HAW Hamburg)
  • Peter Kietzmann (HAW Hamburg)
  • Phạm Hữu Đăng Nhật (Ho Chi Minh University of Technology)
  • Emmanuel Baccelli (INRIA)
  • Hauke Petersen (FU Berlin)
  • Oleg Hahm (INRIA)


  • Oleg proposed the agenda
  • Agenda was approved as followed:
  1. Current state of network stack refactoring
  2. Forwarding Table
  3. Timers

Current state of network stack refactoring

  • Martine reported about current progress (finishing with 6LoWPAN, IPv6 is next) and stated that there's currently no schedule for the upcoming tasks
  • Martine and Lotte discussed some ICMP related issues
  • Hauke presented tentative block diagram of the network stack components
  • Lotte asks where one could help Martine with the refactoring
  • Oleg proposed that reviews of existing PRs are always welcome
  • Oleg reported about Cenk's efforts to disentangle RPL and Trickle and improve efficiency

Forwarding Table

  • Martin reported about a concept for a Forwarding Information Base and a Routing Information Base
  • Oleg asked about a concept how the FIB is organized if more than one routing protocol is active
  • Emmanuel pointed out that combining metrics of different routing protocols should not be considered
  • Oleg asked about a concept to store different address types
  • Martin replied that full IPv6 addresses (128 bits) should be supported, but maybe in a separate data structure
  • Oleg reported that Fabian Nack at FUB might start work on this topic soon with a focus on multi-transceiver support


  • Consensus was made that a unified and simplified timer API is desirable
  • Further discussion is done on the mailing list
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