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Virtual Meeting on November 6th 2017

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  • Martine Lenders (FU Berlin)
  • Cenk Gündoğan (HAW Hamburg)
  • Peter Kietzmann (HAW Hamburg)
  • Sebastian Meiling (HAW Hamburg)
  • Bas Stottelaar (Altran Nederland)
  • Alexandre Abadie (Inria)
  • Koen Zandberg
  • Francisco Acosta (Inria)


  • Minute takers:
    • Francisco Acosta

Proposed Agenda

  1. Introduce Github projects for RIOT
  2. Sort bugs-issues
  3. Assign people to issues
  4. Move the cards in the project accordingly
  5. Maintainers Wiki update

Introduce Github projects for RIOT

  • A brief introduction to the current projects was made, on which we discussed the current roadmap and assign some people to the current issues addressing it.
  • A consensus was made on the importance of updating the roadmap, and eventually merge some potentially redundant parts.

Sort bugs-issues

  • A Github project was set up to manage some aspects of the RIOT organisation. The Bug Tracker lists the current bugs on master and the latest release, the goal is to solve as many as possible before the next release is out.

Assign people to issues

  • Attendants to the meeting sorted out the cards on the project accordingly and assignees will try to track the status before the next meeting. We'll then pass through the ones "In Progress" and discuss if they were addressed or if they're blocked for some reason.
  • A consensus was made to open an issue for each new feature someone aims to work on, or if it's currently doing it. This way we all are aware of the work in progress and reduce duplication.

Move the cards in the project accordingly

  • The cards on several projects were moved accordingly, to reflect the work in progress and the "To Do" work.

Maintainers Wiki update

  • The maintainers wiki page is outdated, we agreed it needs to be modified accordingly taking into account the new maintainers.
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