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Virtual Meeting on November 19, 2014

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  • Hauke Petersen (FU Berlin)
  • Oleg Hahm (INRIA)
  • Martin Landsmann (HAW Hamburg)
  • Peter Kietzmann (HAW Hamburg)
  • Phạm Hữu Đăng Nhật (Ho Chi Minh University of Technology)
  • Thomas Eichinger (FU Berlin)
  • Ludwig Ortmann (FU Berlin)

Joined at the very end:

  • Teemu Hakala (ell-i)
  • Philipp Rosenkranz (FU Berlin)


  • Oleg proposed the agenda
  • Agenda was approved as followed:
  1. Organization/Managing of distributed development procedures
  2. Release branch
  3. Dependencies of special make targets (like make flash)

Organization/Managing of distributed development procedures

  • As a reaction to the discussion on the mailing list, initiated by Peter, participants tried to figure out how to improve development procedures for porting efforts.
  • Agreement was made that the wiki page on Development Procedures should state that porting for a new board should always require to create a wiki page for this board first.
  • This wiki page should then point to an issue in the tracker coordinating porting tasks.
  • For maximum visibility, a pointer to this information should be put into the README and on the wiki start page.
  • Peter volunteered to add this information and pointers - by a PR and/or mailing list.

Release branch

  • Oleg proposed to create a release branch, where we can already merge some pending PRs (particular the network refactoring ones) for early testing.
  • Hauke counter-proposed to have this branch not in the RIOT repository, but in Martine's fork.
  • Participants agreed on Hauke's solution - assuming that Martine will agree, too.

Dependencies of special make targets (like make flash)

  • Referring to #1724 and #2012 it was discussed if the flash target should depend on all or not.
  • Consensus was made that this would be most logical.
  • However, it would be nice to specify different file names for one application to make it possible to flash different versions of an application.


  • Peter pointed to #2021 and asked for comments.
  • Consensus was made that having this meeting every two weeks is good.
  • For the upcoming Hack'n'ACK party in Berlin, we'll try to connect with a similar event in Hamburg using PlaceCam over a single video conferencing setup (mic, speakers, cam, screen) per site.
  • Minutes of these meetings should go into the wiki (sic!). For the next meeting we'll have to agree on a minute taker before the meeting starts.
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