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RIOT's new test system: coverage matrix for core and sys

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This page gives an overview of the current test coverage of RIOT's core and sys modules (as of the 26th of November 2014). The abbreviations used in the tables are defined as follows:

Abbreviations Meaning Comment
I Implemented tests fully implemented
M Missing tests should be implemented but aren't
N/A Not Applicable this kind of test doesn't make sense for this module
partial only partially tested only a subset of all API functions are tested using this method
indirect tested indirectly by other tests other tests wouldn't run correctly if this module would fail
? not sure whether this is true or not

Please note that the column "hardware based acceptance tests" refers mostly to manual (the developer has to determine whether the output of the application is correct or not) tests. For some of those tests python scripts are available which can be executed by a developer to do some test verifications in an automatic way.

Core modules test coverage matrix

Component / Test type comments unit tests hardware based acceptance tests build tests code quality
core-atomic I N/A
core-attributes macro only M
core-bitarithm I N/A I I
core-byteorder I N/A I I
core-cib I N/A I I
core-clist I N/A I I
core-crash M? M indirect I
core-debug M? M indirect I
core-flags defines only N/A N/A indirect I
core-hwtimer manual tests available M partial I I
core-irq M indirect I I
core-kernel* unsure / indirectly tested by all other modules
core-lifo I N/A I I
core-lpm N/A? M M? I
core-msg manual tests available (some fail) M partial I I
core-mutex manual tests available M indirect I I
core-priority_queue I indirect I I
core-ringbuffer unit test avaible in lib-ringbuffer? I indirect I I
core-sched M indirect indirect I
core-tcb only struct and defines N/A indirect indirect I
core-thread manual tests available M indirect I I

Sys modules test coverage matrix


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