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JonatanFernandez commented Jul 21, 2019


I've been trying to add error bars to the individual points (for technical replicates in an experiment). It seems the plot function generates a ggplot2 object but it's not mantaining the original variable names maybe?


GroupCtrl = rnorm(n = 5, mean = 5000000, sd = 500000)
GroupTest = rnorm(n = 5, mean = 4500000, sd = 450000)
tbates commented Apr 1, 2019

Is there any utility to adding type and cov.std options to mxStandardizeRAM?

FYI , in lavaan,

type for continuous variables

  • "" var of latents only
  • "std.all" = var of both manifest and latent variables
  • "std.nox" like "all", but exclude var of exogenous covariates.


  • If TRUE, residual observed covariances scaled by sqrt ‘Theta’ diagonal (residual latent

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