Contributing to YUI

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The YUI Project is a open-source project managed by the YUI engineering team at Yahoo! YUI is a library for building richly interactive web applications. Not only do you have access to the sourcecode, but you can contribute back fixes, new features, or create your own components in the YUI Gallery.

Getting Started

Join the Discussion

Join the yui-contrib mailing list so you can:

  • Discuss technical issues about your feature.
  • Contribute to ongoing discussions around YUI features.
  • Read about major pull requests and give feedback.

Join the #yui IRC channel on Freenode to:

  • Discuss issues and new features.
  • Connect with other YUI developers.
  • Share with and receive help from other YUI users.

File Bugs

Create a free account on GitHub so you can:

Write Code

Use your GitHub account to:

Contribute to the Gallery

The YUI Gallery is an ecosystem of components created by developers just like you that are free to use in your own projects.

Create a free account on account so you can:

  • Post on the support forum.
  • Contribute modules to the YUI Gallery.
  • Sign and submit a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) which allows you to:
    • Have your Gallery modules hosted on the Yahoo! CDN.
    • Contribute bug fixes and enhancements to the core library.
    • (Make sure you check "individual" or "company" in the CLA form.)
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