YUI 3.12.0 Change History Rollup

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App Framework Change History


  • Added support for descending sort order via sort({descending: true}). In order to support this, the options passed to sort() are now passed along to the protected _sort() method. (#1004: @rishabhm)


  • Added support for registering route param handler functions or regexps. This allows routes to be defined as string paths while adding validation/formatting to route params, e.g., "/posts:id", and register an id param handler to parse string values into a number and make it available at req.params.id. (#1063)

  • Fixed issue with trying to URL-decode matching path segments that are undefined. Routes defined as regexps (instead of strings) can contain an arbitrary number of captures; when executing the regex during dispatching, its array of matches can contain undefined values. Router will now check that a match is a truthy value before trying to URL-decode it, and coerce undefined values to empty strings. (#964, #1076)

Button Change History

  • ButtonGroup.disable() will disable each child button (or input, see getButtons())

Calendar Change History

  • Added language support for various Chinese regions. (#1007: @shunner)

Charts Change History

  • #716 Added logarithmic scaling.

Event Infrastructure Change History

  • Fixed: YUI no longer breaks the browser back/forward cache by attaching an unnecessary unload event handler. [Ryan Grove]

  • event-tap allows you to prevent default browser behavior on tap via e.preventDefault() #682

  • event-tap now has a sensitivity property that can be passed as an option. This allows you to customize when tap fires, based on the difference in px between a the corresponding start and end event. #631

  • event-tap has dual-listener support, and works properly on devices that support both mouse and touch input. #683

  • event-tap works more reliably on Android 4.0.x (Ice cream sandwich).

Custom Event Infrastructure Change History

  • Fixed regression introduced in 3.10.0, where EventTarget.detach('cat|*') would throw an exception, when the EventTarget was configured with a prefix.

Node Change History

  • Fixed: Node instances that were cached before node-pluginhost was loaded couldn't become plugin hosts. [Jeroen Versteeg]

  • Fixed: Node#toggleView() didn't show a node if that node's hidden attribute wasn't set (this was a regression in 3.10.2). [Jeroen Versteeg]

  • Fixed: Node#addMethod could not bind to contexts other than itself. (#1070: @zhiyelee)

TabView Change History

  • Fixed missing ARIA role in the tablist of Tabview. (#1035: @blzaugg)

Template Change History

  • Added central template registry. The template registry decouples making templates available from invoking a template to render it. This central registry and abstraction of templates to names separates concerns, creates a level of indirection, and enables templates to be easily overridden. (#1021)

Tree Change History

  • Fixed: Tree.Sortable failed to reindex a node's children after sorting them, which could result in Tree#indexOf() and Tree.Node#index() returning incorrect indices. [Ryan Grove]