YUI 3.10.0 Change History Rollup

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App Framework Change History


  • Fixed: The options object passed to Model's setAttrs() method was being modified. Now a shallow copy of this object is now created so that the _transaction property is added to the copy and not the passed-in object. [#598]

Attribute Change History

  • Significant performance improvements in common Attribute operations.

    For example, on Chrome:

    `get()` is 4 times faster
    `set()` is 3 times faster

    Major performance related changes are listed below.

    Commit messages have detailed descriptions of incremental changes, and the benefits introduced.

  • We retrieve and pass the internally stored attribute configuration in State by reference in a lot more places, across methods, results in less function hops, and removing the need for each method to go and ask for the configuration.

  • Avoid the delete operator for transient configuration properties, and just set to null or other falsey values as appropriate.

  • Store final attribute config in State by reference, as opposed to merging since it's isolated already higher up in the call stack.

AutoComplete Change History

  • Add italian language files to the components. [albertosantini]

Base Change History

  • Significant performance improvements in common Base/BaseCore operations.

    For example, on Chrome:

    new BaseCore() is 3 times faster BaseCore set() is 3 times faster BaseCore get() is 5 times faster

    In addition to the above basic BaseCore numbers, improvements in CustomEvent performance, result in the following improvements for Base

    new Base() is 4 times faster Base set() is 4 times faster Base get() is 5 times faster

    Major performance related changes are listed in the list of updates below.

    Commit messages have detailed descriptions of incremental changes, and the benefits introduced.

  • [!] The result of static ATTRS aggregation is now cached during the creation of the first instance of a given "class", and the cached results are reused for subsequent instances.

    This provides significant performance benefits, but has the potential to introduce a backwards compatibility issue in the hopefully rare circumstance that you're modifying the static ATTRS collection directly, after the first instance is created.

    [!] If you are modifying static ATTRS collection directly after an instance is created (e.g. if an optional module comes in and updates the collection dynamically), you will need to change the implementation to use the static Y.Base.modifyAttrs() or Y.BaseCore.modifyAttrs() method, so we can mark the cached aggregation dirty, and recompute it.

    `Y.Base.modifyAttrs(MyClass, {..changes to merge..})`

    Base.create and Base.mix will take care of this internally, so you only need to use the above methods if your own code is touching the ATTRS object on a class. Additionaly, Base.create and Base.mix will add the modifyAttrs to your created class, so you can also call it directly on the class. e.g.

    `MyCreatedClass.modifyAttrs({..changes to merge..})`

Charts Change History

  • #2533184 Addressed issue in which Axis.getEdgeOffset was returning an incorrect value.
  • #2533130 Added hideFirstMajorUnit and hideLastMajorUnit attributes to axis classes allowing for suppression of rendering the first/last label and tick on an axis.
  • #2533128 Add ability for axis to generate labels and their position from an array of values.

Color Change History

  • Allow upper and lowercase to values for convert(). Also return original value if an invalid to value is provided. Fixes #583

Console Change History

  • Add italian language files to the components. [albertosantini]

DataTable Change History

  • Fix renderBody in the docs and in table-message. [albertosantini]
  • Add italian language files to the components. [albertosantini]

DOM Change History

  • [!] Removed dom-deprecated module. [Ryuichi Okumura]

Drag and Drop Change History

  • Make DD use EventTarget's public getTargets() method.

Event-custom Change History

  • Significant performance improvements in common CustomEvent operations.

    There are improvements across the board, but the work was largely aimed at events with no listeners (to facilate speeding up new Base() which publishes/fires 2 events [init, initializedChange], which usually don't have listeners).

    For example, on Chrome:

    `fire() with 0 listeners` is 6 times faster
    `fire() with 2 listeners` is 2-3 times faster (w, w/o payload)
    `publish()` is 2 times faster
    `publish() compared to _publish()` is 5 times faster (see below)
    `EventTarget construction + publish + fire with 0 listeners` is 3 times faster

    Major performance related changes are listed below.

    Commit messages have detailed descriptions of incremental changes, and the benefits introduced.

  • Moved more properties to the CustomEvent prototype, to improve publish costs

  • Instantiate _subscribers, _afters arrays lazily to reduce publish costs for the no listener case. Same thing was also done for less commonly used features, like the targets map.

  • Reduce new EventTarget costs, by removing default properties which just match the CustomEvent defaults. It reduces the number of properties we need to iterate each time we mix values while publishing.

  • Removed unrequired Y.stamp on _yuievt. It wasn't being used in the library code base

  • Changed Y.stamp calls to Y.guid where it was being used to set up id properties. There didn't seem to be a need to add the _yuid property and it added overhead.

  • Provide a fast-track for fire with no potential subscribers (no local subscribers, no bubble targets, and no broadcast), by jumping to the default function directly (if configured) or just doing nothing, if no default function.

  • Made * support close to zero cost for folks who aren't using it, by only trying to look for siblings if someone had subscribed using *.

  • Reduced isObject checks, by combining facade creation and argument manipulation into _getFacade().

  • Improved fireComplex times, by creating lesser used queues lazily (es.queue, es.afterQueue).

  • Avoid slice and related arguments iteration costs for common fire signatures, (fire("foo"), fire("foo", {})) by working with arguments directly for these cases.

    Since fire is open-ended in terms of it's number of args, anything besides the above signatures still use slice.

  • fire(...) now delegates to _fire(array) to avoid repeated conversion of arguments to arrays, across the calling stack from eventTarget.fire() to customEvent.fire().

  • Avoid _monitor() hops, but checking for whether or not monitoring is enabled outside of the function.

  • Removed Y.cached wrapper around _getType(). This was an interesting one. The work we do to generate the key for the cache, turned out to be more than what _getType() costs if we just re-run it.

  • Added a fast-path currently private _publish() for low-level, critical path implementations, such as Attribute and Base.

    _publish() doesn't provide any API sugar (e.g. type to fulltype conversation), and leaves the CustomEvent configuration to the caller to avoid iteration and mixing costs.

    The assumption is that low-level callers know about the event system architecture, and know what they're doing. That's why its private for now, but its 5x faster than publish() for a comparable event configuration. publish() leverages _publish(), also ends up being faster after this change, but not by such a big factor.

  • Revert EventTarget back to lazily creating targets [ericf]

Handlebars Change History

  • Remove "BEGIN/END(BROWSER)" comments from imported Handlebars source.

Node Change History

  • Fix node.all() to return an empty NodeList if the node was destroyed - Fixes #580 (hat tip Dallas Wheeler)
  • [!] Removed node-deprecated module. [Ryuichi Okumura]

OOP Utilities Change History

  • Updated Y.clone() to always quit early and not try to clone DOM nodes. Common host objects like DOM nodes cannot be "subclassed" in Firefox and old versions of IE. Trying to use Object.create() or Y.extend() on a DOM node will throw an error in these browsers.

Profiler Change History

  • [!] DEPRECATED: This module will be removed from the library in a future version.

TabView Change History

  • Revert static templates and map prototype templates to statics by default.

Tree Change History

  • Added Tree#findNode() and Tree.Node#find() methods, which pass the specified node and each of its descendants to a callback function and returns the first node for which the callback returns a truthy value. [Ryan Grove]

  • Added Tree#traverseNode() and Tree.Node#traverse() methods, which pass the specified node and each of its descendants to a callback function in depth-first order. [Ryan Grove]

  • Added a Tree.Sortable extension, which can be mixed into any Tree class to provide customizable sorting logic for nodes. [Ryan Grove]

  • Fixed: The number returned by Tree#size() didn't include the root node. [Ryan Grove]

Widget Change History

YUI Loader Change History

  • Removed the default build directories from Loader generated combo URL's.

YUI Core Change History

  • Add ability to filter log messages by threshold [andrewnicols]