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Report a Bug

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Discovering, isolating and documenting bugs is one of the most valuable things you can do for an open-source software project. YUI welcomes this kind of support from everyone in the community, and appreciates the time you take to help make our products better.

If you wish to create a bug report, we ask that you follow the guidelines below. Once you've reviewed the guidelines, visit to file your ticket with the appropriate YUI project. ( For YUI 3.x, you can click here to file a report.)

Bug reports are most useful when they are accurate, unique, specific, and complete. Please take the following steps when creating a bug report:

  1. You will need a valid account on GitHub to file a report. (Join here.)
  2. Make sure the bug has not already been reported: Expanding an existing report is always better than filing a new report for the same issue. You can browse existing issues here.
  3. Reduce the bug to its simplest reproducible case. Bug reports should include the simplest code possible that demonstrates the problem. Host the code at a publicy accessible URL (such as jsfiddle, jsbin, or GitHub gist.), attach it as a file to the report, or paste it inline into the report itself. The code should be a complete HTML document that includes all markup, CSS and JavaScript needed to reproduce the bug.
  4. Test the bug in as many browsers as you can and specify in your report which browsers demonstrate the problem.
  5. Provide the following fields:


A short but specific description of the issue (e.g., "Calendar widget 3.12.0 addMonth() method fails in Opera 16.0.1").

Leave a comment (Description)

Provide as much detail here as you can about the problem and the exact steps to reproduce it. Including browsers tested and YUI version where the problem appears.

If your bug report cannot be reproduced by the developer, it may be closed or returned to you for more information.

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