YUI 3.8.0 Change History Rollup

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App Framework Change History


  • Decode URL-encoded path matches for Router's req.params. [Ticket #2532941]

Attribute Change History

  • [!] The AttributeEvents class extension and the attribute-events module have been renamed to AttributeObservable and attribute-observable respectively. The old names are deprecated, but have been retained as aliases for backwards compatibility. They will be removed in a future version of YUI.

  • [!] The AttributeComplex class extension and the attribute-complex module have been deprecated. This functionality is now part of AttributeCore, and this extension and module are no longer needed.

  • Moved AttributeCore's protected _protectAttrs() utility method to a public static method, protectAttrs(), which is available on both Y.Attribute and Y.AttributeCore namespaces.

Base Change History

  • Y.Base.create() can now be used with Y.BaseCore, in addition to its existing usage with Y.Base. This allows non-observable, BaseCore hierarchies to use class extensions.

  • Extracted the Y.BaseObservable class extension from Y.Base. This is a new class extension for Y.BaseCore which adds support for observability. This allows BaseCore subclasses to mix-in BaseObservable at runtime, bringing their functionality up to that of Y.Base.

Charts History

  • #2532955 Addressed issue in which click events were not firing on elements outside of chart in ios.

Color Change History

  • Initial release.

Cookie Change History

  • Pull Req: 248 - Make order of cookie loading with the same name configurable

Drag and Drop Change History

  • 2532824 - Performance tweaks
  • Pull Req: 309 - Fixed Safari scrolling issue

Pjax Change History

  • Fix issue where Pjax would throw an error because of calling methods on null nodes when an IO request was aborted (which happens to pending requests when a new request comes in.)

ScrollView Change History

  • Paging is now only triggered when a swipe crosses a mid-point threshold, to match the < 3.7.0 behavior (#2532745)

  • Fixed issue where Mousewheel could prevent next()/prev() API interaction on horizontally paginated instances (#2532815)

  • scrollToIndex now sets correct default value for easing (#2532895)

  • ScrollViewPaginator#scrollToIndex now properly respects animation duration and easing arguments (thanks juandopazo)

  • General cleanup

Template Change History

  • Initial release.

YUI Core Change History

  • Added Y.config.global as an alias to the global scope
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