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Performance Tuning Best Practices

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  • Code the use case you want to profile pointing to raw build files.
  • Run the code through Chrome profiler, which gives you:
    • stack traces without anonymous functions
    • memory
    • CPU
    • CSS
    • best initial tool to identify bottlenecks
  • Run the code through Firefox profiler, which additionally gives you function call counts.
  • Once you've identified bottlenecks you want to address:
    • define hypotheses on how to eliminate those bottlenecks
    • write a range of tests that address micro and macro level use cases for the function(s) in question
    • benchmark potential fixes against multiple target environments
  • Focus on algorithmic changes more than micro-optimizations.
  • Focus on DOM more than JS.
  • Don't make any assumptions.
  • Be very data driven.
  • Understand how the different JS engines work.
  • Tests get checked into src/[module]/tests/perf.
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