YUI 3.8.1 Change History Rollup

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Attribute Change History

  • Invalid values supplied during Attribute initialization that fail setter validation will now fallback the default value defined in ATTRS. [Ticket #2528732] [redbat]

  • Attribute validators and setters now receive set's options argument. This is now a part of AttributeCore. [Ticket #2532810] [Satyam]

Button Change History

  • Documentation updates.
  • Linting cleanup.

Charts Change History

  • #2533048 Addressed issue in which styles.majorUnit.determinant was not honored when set to distance.

DataTable Change History

  • Avoid processing columns if there aren't any to allow empty tables. [Pull Request #176] [Mark Woon]

  • Default sort for text columns is now case insensitive. Added caseSensitive attribute to table columns config. Setting caseSensitive to true will bypass the case insensitive sort speeding up sort in large data sets, where case insensitivity is not required. [Ticket #2532134] [Pull Request #281] [clanceyp]

IO Utility Change History

  • Exposed IO's form serialize via the new Y.IO.stringify() method. [Ticket #2529073] [Pull Request #351] [John Lindal]

  • Stringified request data is now passed to custom transport layers. [Ticket #2532594] [Pull Request #383] [John Lindal]

Tabview Change History

  • PR #404 Avoids rewriting Tab label & panel content. Fixes #2530253.

Template Change History

  • The number 0 (as opposed to the string "0") is no longer treated as an empty value by Template.Micro. [Ticket #2533040]

  • Fixed a bug in Template.Micro that caused control characters like \n in template strings to be improperly escaped in the compiled template.

  • Added the concept of default options to Y.Template via the following constructor signature: Y.Template(engine, defaults).

Transition Change History

  • PR #398 Fix show, hide and toggleView methods in transition module [prajwalit]

Uploader Utility (New) Change History

  • Add dropped file infomation to uploader drop event

Scrollview Change History

  • Linting cleanup.
  • Improvements to ScrollView's unit tests. PR #361

Calendar Change History

  • Update calendar navigator controls when minimum or maximum date changes [jafl].

Autocomplete Change History

  • Remove hardcoded position:absolute because it shouldn't be necessary anymore [nhusher].

YUI Core Change History

  • Fixed issue with cssstamp element not being assigned if YUI is loaded twice on the page.

Node Change History