Deprecation Policy

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YUI Deprecation Policy for APIs and Modules

  • Discuss and vote on Contributor Mailing List
  • Output log messages with category "warn" to alert users to deprecated APIs and modules at runtime.
  • When a module is deprecated, rename it to "-deprecated" (only if you have a new one coming out with the same name)
  • Create a ticket bug tracker for tracking
  • Update API doc
  • Update with a [!] prefix.
  • Update component user guide
  • Blog announcements
    • Forecast the removal (foobar is deprecated as of version X.Y.Z. It will be removed no earlier than A.B.C)
    • Announce the removal (foobar, which was deprecated in version X.Y.Z has now been removed as of A.B.C)
  • Consider a standalone blog announcement for larger impact deprecations (i.e., Y.get).
  • By default, remove in no less than 2 GA cycles