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Until May 2017, CoCalc was called SageMathCloud. That name was based on the initial goal of running the open-source mathematics software SageMath online. After several years of rapid development, it became clear that the name SageMathCloud no longer captured the broad range of features the site offered. So we began the process of choosing a new name that better communicates the broad scope of the platform. The new name is CoCalc, which stands for "Collaborative Calculation in the cloud"; it is easy to remember and spell, and emphasizes that the platform excels at realtime collaboration involving all types of open source calculation.

Read me about this in our CoCalc blogpost.


First off, there are no deep changes to the previous SageMathCloud service. It is a smooth transition without any interruptions. All data and files are still there, just like before.

Visible changes:

  • Domain name: the new domain name is -- other domain names will redirect here
  • Logo: there is a new CoCalc logo
  • Color scheme: there are some changes to the colors
  • Mailing list: there is a new cocalc group


  • The company behind CoCalc is still called Sagemath, Inc.
  • The contact email for support stays to be

Planned changes

  • The "SageMath Worksheet" stays as is, but we plan to develop a more general CoCalc Jupyter kernel.


CoCalc is a registered trademark.

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