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Course Management FAQ

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The Course Management FAQ

This FAQ provides links for a number of resources for managing courses with CoCalc

Is there a tutorial for setting up and managing a course in CoCalc?

See the Course material section of the CoCalc Tutorial home page.

I'm a Professor and would like my University to pay directly for the courses we're teaching here. How do I proceed?

See University Purchase.

How can a purchasing office or department IT coordinator pay for a subscription for a course that is to be managed by another person, for example by a faculty member?

See I am a payment coordinator trying to pay for an instructor's course.

I am an instructor. How do I pay for a course and configure student accounts?

  1. See the CoCalc Tutorial.
  2. See prof pay.

If I set up a course account for free, can some students use it for free while other students pay for upgraded access?

See If I set up a course....

I am a student and the teacher requires students to pay. How can I pay?

See student pay.

Can I keep using my CoCalc account and project after this course ends?

See AfterCourse.

What exactly happens when assignments or handouts are distributed to students?

See CourseCopy.

How can I make corrections to a Handout or Assignment?

See Replacing a File That Was Already Assigned.

When a student drops a course, what is the best procedure for removing them from the course?

See Deleting a Student From a Course.

How do I remove a collaborator from student projects in a course I'm managing with CoCalc?

See Removing Collaborator from Student Projects

I am a UCLA LS30 student and have a question.

See UCLA-LS30.

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