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I'm interested in number theory and other topics (my mathematical interests are really broad); I needed to use Python and LaTeX... so is perfect. I actually can't thank you enough! (It's such a wonderful creation.).

  • May 2018.

...I am very grateful for your prompt and accurate help. I am recommending all my fellow mathppl to use CoCalc and pay!! HOWEVER: (Attention William) Wouldn't it make more sense to go decentralized? ICO, token incentivized ipfs private computation??

  • Carlos Rodriguez, May 2018.

It seems my students have been thus far delighted with the collaborative functionality of the CoCalc Jupyter environment. They work simultaneously on their code / graphs and it's very remarkable to see how much they can do now that they are all engaged with the coding environment simultaneously. Kind of a game changer.

I will ask them to use the LaTeX functionality to type up their project report, and maybe to do some documenting in Markdown. It's nice to see all of the different functionality available.

  • An instructor at Duke University, April 2018.

I accidentally deleted my midterm file. [...] Amazing! I could fine the file.

  • A student in a panic - October 2017.

Wonderful! Thanks for replying so quickly. I love and appreciate the site and use it for most of my class material.

  • Evan Otto - St. Andrew's, Austin, TX - October 2017

Once again, I appreciate the time you have spent helping to sort this out. I will use this case with my own startup's tech team as an example of gold standard service.

The new [Jupyter] notebook looks and feels great! Thank you very much for this. I cannot overstate how convenient collaborating on ipython notebooks on [cocalc] is, and I'm glad you took this to an entire different level.

  • Mani Chandra, May 2017

I just found out that my [CoCalc] class got by far the best course evaluations for any course I've taught at UCSD to date (over 85% on the favorable/unfavorable scale), which makes it a sure thing that I'll be teaching this course again (in some form) next year! Many thanks for the backend work on SMC, for the course materials, for the guest lecture...

  • Kiran Kedlaya, UC San Diego, March 2017

I'm using the [CoCalc] video chat function to hold "virtual office hours" for my Arizona Winter School project group. I like the fact that the participants can come and go as they please, which might be possible with Google Hangouts but I haven't figured out how. Also, the quality of the audio/video is surprisingly good (I was on from work, where I have excellent bandwidth, but some of the others were on from home and it didn't seem to hurt)."

  • Kiran Kedlaya, UC San Diego

"TensorFlow is a fast moving target. But it is a really incredible library--amazing what all you can do with it. Thanks for getting [it installed in CoCalc] so quickly. [CoCalc] continues to be a fantastic means of engaging students without all the tech hassles and license nightmares. Thanks again!"

  • Jeff Randall Knisley, Professor and Computational Applied Mathematics Advisor, East Tennessee State University

"[CoCalc] is the best programming tool I have ever had - better than Eclipse or LightTable or any other IDE. It, through both SageMath and the other languages available, replaces a truly mind-boggling amount of proprietary software: Mathematica/Maple/Magma (with SageMath), MATLAB (with octave), Microsoft Visual Studio (with support for C files, plus the fact that Python and Julia are way better than the non-C languages in Microsoft VS), and others. I am currently advertising this service to my friends and professors - it is useful to just about everyone who codes."

  • Konstantin Mckenna, Boston University undergraduate

"Wow that was fast! Thanks for installing the package, that'll make several people around here very happy."

  • A happy user.

"Are you seriously the founder and ceo" when William responded to support question. "Thank you for all your help, and good luck. Sage rocks!!"

  • A happy user.

This is a great environment and I really enjoy the setup. Amazing what you and your team have accomplished!

  • a student using [CoCalc] in a high performance computing course.

To my funded colleagues: if you use Sage as much as (or more than) I do, I propose that you do what I did: get a professional membership to [CoCalc] as a way to promote further Sage development.

I just completed the course "Python for Data analysis" and found that [CoCalc] is much more capable as a front-end and back-end tool than Ipython/Jupyter, numpy, scipy, pandas and scikit together.

[CoCalc] is a great system; it's so much easier than having to maintain a local python! Keep up the good work!

  • Chris Muktar

CoCalc is the future preferred math software for physicists everywhere!

  • Todd Zimmerman

CoCalc Support is f*cking awesome!!! I asked for a package to be installed and minutes later it was installed.

-- Tim Clemans, April 2016

You guys at [CoCalc] are incredibly awesome. It’s 6:48am Eastern time and you took the time to actually look in my student’s code and find a LaTeX error. It’s things like this that keep my $7/month flowing in your direction.

-- Robert Talbert, April 2016

I am a big fan of [CoCalc] and preach its virtues to everyone I meet, including my professors at Montana State University in the Mechanical Engineering Department. So far there has been a lot of interest when I tell them of all the features, especially the fact that you can use Octave or R or whatever you need/ are used to. I bet they are probably pretty busy and haven't gotten on to really check it out, but are intrigued. I can't believe this isn't the de facto cloud computing service. It's incredible! If only it could be advertised or something. I had been specifically looking for something just like this service for a long time and only stumbled upon it by chance, I don't remember what pointed me here. The Latex editor is stunning, especially with the ability to run Sage code right in the document and reference the values. I understand that you are an advanced mathematician and my elementary uses of the service are probably not what you envisioned, but this service is really great just for homework and group collaboration at school.

-- Justin Alexander, April 2016

Keep up the great work! I really like Sage. It’s a great alternative to Maple and Mathematica for my students.

-- a teacher at a small college.

From doing this lab in [CoCalc], I learned just a few of the numerous helpful operations that can be performed in Sage. I'm familiar with Python from my classes, and have used it in the past to aid with math. However, from my experience while it was possible it was tedious and always very messy. With sage, solving math problems feels much more smooth and the syntax is much easier to follow.

-- A student whose course uses [CoCalc].

I am extremely grateful for the work you and your colleagues have done with [CoCalc]. It is a vast improvement over using MATLAB or Mathematica because the students can work from wherever, and the expense is greatly reduced for the department. And I don't have to deal with our !#$&!^ IT department to install anything. Thank you! [CoCalc] is a major step forward in teaching computing at any level.

-- A professor who teaches using [CoCalc].

And then as you know, I discovered [CoCalc]. To be honest with you, it totally blew my mind. The GUI is so clean and it already comes with all packages I want so that I don't need to do any terminal installation myself. I can just start a notebook to script examples in the machine learning book. It is a heaven to me.

-- Chon Hou Wai - private email

It is astounding to me that you have put online such an amazing resource for all things math and programming related. I am an engineer trying to reinforce my programming and mathematics skills. Your [CoCalc] is a veritable playground. Plus, one does not need to get involved with the intricacies of having the right compilers/interpreters for the various programming languages and get right down to the fun part. Many many thanks!

-- Kyriakos Moditis - private email

SageMath/Cloud, in my view, is an absolutely brilliant and entirely wonderful gift to science - in all dimensions: technical, ethical, educational. Thank you Dr. Stein.

-- Elbert Branscomb - Department of Physics, University of Illinois

My 150+ students are now actively using [CoCalc]. This time last year I was running around in a panicked state rebooting servers and various other things as our local Sage Mathematical Software System server kept crashing. This year it's been completely painless with all the students using [CoCalc]. Even had the opportunity to teach some markdown to some students and also heard of a group of 3 who were collaboratively writing revision notes using a shared +IPython notebook. Great tool.

-- Vincent Knight - Computing for Mathematics - Cardiff University

[CoCalc] (sage math cloud) is a great way to get going quickly and setup problems. I used it almost exclusively last year, and my students did use it exclusively. [CoCalc] is a full-blown unix env. with dozens of tools if you or your students are interested in other areas of technical computing

-- Singlet on sage-edu

[CoCalc] offers both the numerical capabilities of MatLab and the analytical tools of Mathematica that will meet the students' needs. It also will provide a great introduction to programming via Python that will expose students to this essential skill as the go through their coursework.

-- quote just now from a college teacher evaluating using [CoCalc], 2014-09-15

I wanted to say thanks for installing those compilers I asked about a few weeks ago. I'm using Sage Cloud in my Programming Languages course, and I have one big project with all 34 students on it. I tested out a teaching idea this week where the entire class collectively writes some code to solve an exercise problem (after first working it out in small groups), and it worked really well. I could say things like "OK, what do we do next" and then I could have a student type something in while the whole class watches, and then another student could fix something from the first student's code, etc. The students thought it was pretty cool, and I did too. I'm really looking forward to using this the rest of the semester.

Thanks for making this system available!

-- Eric Manley, Asst. Prof. of CS, Drake University

A kind and peaceful service which gives opportunities to learn and enjoy math for everyone.

-- join request sage-cloud@googlegroups

The LaTeX in [CoCalc] is phenomenal and I really love the ability to store all of my files together in a project. It's hard to say how awesome these features are! This is handy for any kind of work; from a teaching perspective, I think this will be particularly useful in sharing information and providing an unified workspace.

-- Jeff Denny, private e-mail, 2013-09-25

I have definitely noticed the recent hardware upgrades. I am using cloud.sagemath in a classroom of 36 students (undergraduate physics), and cloud.sagemath has been nice and fast...very zippy. Results are coming right back at us. It's great!

-- T. Bensky, sage-cloud, 2013-09-12


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