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I'm using OS X, and I want to be able to edit files in my CoCalc project on my laptop using my own local editor

One way to solve this problem is to use sshfs to mount your CoCalc project directly on your own computer using sshfs. Though sshfs does not come with OS X, it is easy to install as follows:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Download and install BOTH of the packages listed there: FUSE and SSHFS. These are both very easy to install.
  3. Configure ssh access from your computer to CoCalc, e.g., as explained here.
  4. Now open the OS X Terminal and type sshfs target_dir to mount. For example, here I am doing this on my laptop:
WilliamsMacBook:~ wstein$ mkdir project
WilliamsMacBook:~ wstein$ sshfs project
WilliamsMacBook:~ wstein$ ls project
a			hal.term		narrow-j2.png		sagews-test-report.prom	smc-util		tmp
bin			hsy.term		narrow-jc.png		smc			smc-util-node		tmp2
cc-notebook-demos	ipywidgets.ipynb		smc-build		smc-webapp		traceback-j2.png
dev.sagews		jeng.term		npm-debug.log		smc-clone		term			traceback-pre.png
dev.tasks		jupyter2.tasks		psage			smc-k8s			term.term		vpthon.ipynb
dev.time		jupyter2.time		sagews-test-report.json	smc-master		term2.term		wstein.term
  1. When done, unmount:
WilliamsMacBook:~ wstein$ umount project
WilliamsMacBook:~ wstein$ ls project

You may want to type man sshfs to see some of the options.

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