20130524 irc meeting

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IRC transcripts: http://irclog.codelabs.nl/transcript/symfony-cmf/2013-05-24



  • merged changes to the PHPCR ODM mapping https://github.com/doctrine/phpcr-odm/pull/279 (BC break)
  • working on mapping compiler pass in RoutingBundle to enable support for the ORM mapping
  • merged that the route provider can fetch the document manager dynamically by name
  • small updates to SimpleCmsBundle to get it up to date with RoutingBundle change


  • started working on making the root menu node a seperate document
  • implementing the publish workflow interface for the menu nodes, which will affect CoreBundle by adding an admin extension
  • registered some ideas for implementing joins in the phpcr-odm
  • found some dependency issue yesterday with the createbundle related to assetic (which also breaks composer install for cmf-sandbox)


  • nothing to report, getting back from vacation





  • symfony_cmf prefix removal (dantleech) -> we will merge ASAP once we have the 2.2.3 tag for BlockBundle
  • next round of release tagging (lsmith) -> dbu will do new tags on monday/tuesday
  • composer install issue with cmf-sandbox and assetic (sjopet) -> dbu tested it with a fresh install and it seems to be ok
  • hallo.js vs X and image upload (lsmith) -> tinymce was noted as another option, requirements are integration with create.js/SonataAdminBundle, simple text editing, image upload, discuss further on the list
  • ODM QueryBuilder join support (and i18n) (Willem-Jan) -> some initial ideas https://github.com/doctrine/phpcr-odm/pull/285/files, "->leftJoin($qb->src()->nodeType('foo'), $qb->joinCon()->children());" vs. "->joinChildren($qb->..., 'left')" vs. "->joinChildrenLeft()", no __call() use, try to follow ORM, dantleech and Willem-Jan will continue with the topic and create a WIP
  • block settings feature question (rmsint) -> do nothing for now
  • eko/feedbundle zend dependencies (sjopet) -> its already only an optional, ie. suggest, dependency, however drupal guys are looking to reduce the feed dependencies, lsmith noticed that currently it also needs zend-servicemanager https://github.com/eko/FeedBundle/issues/20