20130712 irc meeting

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IRC transcription: http://irclog.codelabs.nl/transcript/symfony-cmf/2013-07-12


  • TreeUiBundle and ElFinder integration (dtl)
  • Advanced document name (dtl)
  • Tagging round summary


Round up


  • New logo
  • phpcr --apply-closure merged
  • Fixed BlockBundle and CoreBundle twig extensions
  • Hoping to close the MenuBundle for 1.0 this week


  • Reviewed various pull requests
  • Started splitting PWFInterface into write interfaces
  • Started updating sandbox to latest master of al bundles
  • Aims to tag versions by end of week
  • Finalize the open PRs afterwards - PWD, routing document to model ...)


  • Fixed some BlockBundle PRs including several docuemntations
  • Improved MediaBundle PRs and issues
  • Planned Work on implementing the testing component for BlockBundle and MediaBundle
  • Maybe also implement the PWF and move document mapping to XML for BlockBundle


  • Busy on doctrine-dbal again
  • Tried to fix XPath escaping again
  • Caused lots of failing tests during the week, but should be all good now
  • Isnt sure what to pick up next
  • Would like to pick up joins, but maybe more 1.0 centric stuff to do before then
  • Might do talk in Rotterdam at PHP user group in future


Document Advanced Naming


  • AdvancedMenuNode: dtl +1, rmsint +1
  • AllFeaturesNode: dbu +1, rmsint +1, Willem-Jan: +1

dantleech will announce AllFeaturesNode as chosen name on ML


  • dantleech waffles generally about his work on TreeUiBundle
  • asks opinions of RequireJS
  • talk about problems with js assets, assetic
  • is sjopets work going to overlap with scope of TreeUiBundle

Tagging round summary

  • Lukas tagged jackalope, and this morning phpcr-odm
  • dbu will tag other things by sunday
  • If anyone sees PRs that should be in the release, ping David.

General discussion

  • rmsint: Discussion of read / write interfaces in MediaBunde


    dantleech debates validity of read/write interface model. dbu, rmsint justify it. PR should be reviewed on GH

  • rmsint: Inegration of new PWF secutiry system

    dbu says system is nearly ready, but needs finalizing and review. There is a problem in that a regression fix has been merged into the workflow-security branch and this needs to be merged before tagging.

    Decided that we will try and fix PWF security before monday, if not Dan will do a hot fix on master before tagging.


  • rmsint

In attendance:

  • Willem-Jan
  • dbu
  • rmsint
  • dantleech

Round up


Other topics

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