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Tree Browser Refactoring

Primary goal: Decouple tree stuff from SonataAdmin

Secondary goals:

Separation of Model and View

Currently the TreeInterface classes contain about 70% model and 30% view (e.g. methods for getting labels, serialization of nodes to arrays and icons) in addition the individual forms also add view logic (create_in_overlay, edit_in_overlay, confirm_move).

This couples the tree view to a specific frontend implementation (namely, jsTree).

I propose that we split the model and view as follows:




Where model and view are clearly separated and individually configurable:

            icon: foobar.png
            help: This is another option
                - Bar/Foo
                - Boo/Baz
            # these options could or could not be part of the interface
            # and so made global. If so, this section would be used only
            # for jsTree specific settings.
                undefined: undefined.png
                folder: folder.png
                file: file.png
            edit_in_overlay: false
            create_in_overlay: true
                move: true
                delete: true

Remove dependency on FOSJsRouting

The dependency on FOSJsRouting is, as far as I can tell, unnecessary.

It is currently used to generate the routes for editing the nodes and otherwise for things like passing the "children_url" to the tree javascript plugin.

Where a static URL is needed, we can simply generate the URL in twig.

In the case of dynamic URLs (i.e. the edit URL for each node) we can simply inject the Router object into the view and serialize the URL with the node data returned over AJAX.

    'children': [
            'title': 'Some node',
            'path': '/foo/bar/node',
            'icon': 'someicon.png',
            'edit_url': '/app.php/edit.php?path=asdasd',
            'view_url': '',

For this to work we will need to have some sort of registry mapping class types to routes, e.g.

           edit: blog_post_edit_route
           view: blog_post_view_route

Or something similar. The SonataAdminBundle bundle would automatically update these mappings, so no configuration would be required by the user.

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