20130906 irc meeting

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IRC transcription: http://irclog.codelabs.nl/view/symfony-cmf?from=2013-09-06%2010:00&till=2013-07-19%2011:30



  • Query Builder

    • Adopt DQLish way of specifying field names, i.e. $from->document('Foobar', 'a')->where()->eq()->propVal('a.prop_1')->literal('foo');

    • Allow hybrid where $qb->propertyExists('a.foobar') and propertyExists('a', 'foobar') both work

    • dantleech and dbu agree that using dot notation to specify properties is a +1 idea, but dantleech will email doctrine-devs to validate.

    • "property" terminology should be replaced with "field" as with Doctrine

    • Replace "bindVariable" with "setParameter" to be consistent with Doctrine

    • Add PHPDoc / Rst Doc in relevant places to show what these relate to in PHPCR world

    • dantleech to revise API method names and add to email do cmf|doctrine-devs

  • Road to 1.0

    • dbu says main blockers are PHPCR Query builder and MediaBundle
    • dantleech will look over some of the MediaBundle issues to see if he can help, #15, #34, #53 and #52.
    • dbu says we should prioritize #10 #53 and #15 as blockers for RC1
    • dbu points out sandbox PR for MediaBundle: https://github.com/symfony-cmf/cmf-sandbox/pull/199
  • Misc

    • dantleech brings up point about the relative verbosness of the logic for adding extra mapping directories for all the bundles, no action planned.
    • Synantist raises point about the difficulty of understanding the current documentation for beginners and is pointed to WouterJ and cos work on the new documentation.
    • WouterJ suggests creating issues about problem areas now, i.e. before the revision so that we can be sure to address the problems.

In attendance:

  • dbu
  • dantleech

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