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PRs Welcome

Plugin Manager

  • pathogen - Manage your runtimepath with ease.
  • vim-plug - Minimalist Vim Plugin Manager.
  • Vundle - Plug-in manager for Vim.
  • neobundle - Next generation Vim package manager. (stop developement)
  • dein.vim - Dark powered Vim/Neovim plugin manager.

Version Control

  • vim-fugitive - Use git command in VIM.
  • vimagit - From a very single vim buffer, you can perform main git operations in few key press.
  • gina - Asynchronously control git repositories in Neovim/Vim 8

VCS side column indicator

  • vim-gitgutter - It shows a git diff in the gutter (sign column) and stages/undoes hunks.
  • vim-signify - Similar to vim-gitgutter, supports more VCS tools, but missing several git-specific features.
  • changesPlugin - Similar to vim-gitgutter, supports more VCS tools, but missing several git-specific features.


  • vim-airline - Lean & mean status/tabline for vim that's light as air.
  • powerline - Powerline is a statusline plugin for vim, and provides statuslines and prompts for several other applications, including zsh, bash, tmux, IPython, Awesome, i3 and Qtile.
  • lightline - A light and configurable statusline/tabline for Vim.


  • Recover.vim - A Plugin to show a diff, whenever recovering a buffer.

Session file utilities

File Manager

  • nerdtree - The NERD tree allows you to explore your filesystem and to open files and directories.
  • nerdtree-git-plugin - A plugin of NERDTree showing git status.
  • v - Open recently edited files, no matter where you are in the filesystem.
  • defx - The dark powered file explorer implementation
  • defx-git - Git status implementation for defx

Filetype Plugins

  • csv.vim - A Filetype plugin for csv files.
  • vim-json - A better JSON for Vim.

File Searcher

  • ctrlp - Full path fuzzy file, buffer, mru, tag, ... finder for Vim.
  • ack.vim - Keywords search tool from Vim, with an enhanced results list.
  • fzf.vim - Integrated fzf with Vim. (Required: fzf - General-purpose command-line fuzzy finder.)
  • denite.nvim - Search files, buffers, commands, and more.

Grep/Ack/Ag pattern search tools

  • ack.vim - Keywords search tool from Vim, with an enhanced results list.
  • ag.vim - Vim plugin for the_silver_searcher, ag, a replacement for the Perl module / CLI script ack.
  • vim-grepper - Helps you win at grep, supports many common grep tools (ag, ack, git grep, sift, pt, findstr).

Integration with Other Applications

  • w3m.vim - w3m (a console-based web browser) plugin for vim.
  • gist-vim - This is a vimscript for creating gists
  • Tmux relatives.
    • tmuxline.vim - Simple tmux statusline generator with support for powerline symbols and statusline / airline / lightline integration.
    • vim-tbone - Tmux basics.
    • vim-tmux-focus-events - Make terminal vim and tmux work better together.
    • vim-tmux-navigator - Seamless navigation between tmux panes and vim splits.

Malware Analysis

  • FileInsight-plugins - Tiny plugins for McAfee FileInsight hex editor useful for various kind of decoding tasks in malware analysis.


  • vim-multiple-cursors - Sublime Text style multiple selections for Vim.
  • incsearch.vim - Improved incremental searching for Vim.
  • vim-signature - A plugin to place, toggle and display marks.
  • wildfire.vim - Quickly select the closest text object among a group of candidates.
  • vim-movie - Move lines and selections up and down.
  • - extended % matching for HTML, LaTeX, and many other languages
  • Motion
    • vim-easymotion - EasyMotion provides a much simpler way to use some motions in vim.
    • vim-sneak - The missing motion for Vim.
    • quick-scope - Lightning fast left-right movement in Vim.
    • clever-f.vim - Extended f, F, t and T key mappings for Vim.

Man page viewers

  • vim-man - View and grep man pages in vim.
  • neoman.vim - A modern man page plugin for vim.

Text objects


  • Autoformat
    • vim-autoformat - Provide easy code formatting in Vim by integrating existing code formatters.
    • vim-codefmt - Yet another code formatter.
  • Autocomplete
  • Comment out lines
    • nerdcommentor - Powerful and easy to use comment tools.
    • tComment - TComment works like a toggle, i.e., it will comment out text that contains uncommented lines, and it will uncomment already commented text.
    • vim-commentary - Comment stuff out.
  • Code Snipes
    • snipMate - SnipMate aims to provide support for textual snippets, similar to TextMate or other Vim plugins like UltiSnips.
    • ultisnips - Snippet solution for Vim.
    • neosnippet.vim - Using snippets without memorizing them.
  • Documentation
  • Error Checking
  • Indention
    • indentline - A vim plugin to display the indention levels with thin vertical lines.
  • Line Number Toggling
  • Refactoring
  • Surroundings
    • vim-surround - The plugin provides mappings to easily delete, change and add such surroundings in pairs.
    • vim-operator-surround - Vim operator mapping to enclose text objects with surrounds like paren, quote and so on.
    • vim-sandwich - The set of operator and textobject plugins to search/select/edit sandwiched textobjects.
  • Tag display
    • taglist.vim - Source code browser. (supports C/C++, java, perl, python, tcl, sql, php, etc)
    • tagbar - A class outline viewer for Vim.
  • Undo
    • gundo.vim - Graph your Vim undo tree in style.
  • Skeleton for new files



  • minibufexpl - Elegant buffer explorer - takes very little screen space.
  • vim-bbye - Delete buffers and close files in Vim without closing your windows or messing up your layout.
  • vim-buffergator - Vim plugin to list, select and switch between buffers.
  • vim-tabber - A Vim plugin for labeling tabs, styled after Powerline, with additional tab management utilities.


  • promptline.vim - Generate a fast shell prompt with powerline symbols and airline colors.
  • vimshell - Powerful shell implemented by vim.

Offline Documentation Browser

Substitute Preview




  • jedi-vim - Awesome Python autocompletion with VIM.

  • flake8-vim - Frosted, pep8 and mcabe checker for Vim.

  • python-mode - Vim python-mode. PyLint, Rope, Pydoc, breakpoints from box.

  • vim-pydocstring - Generate Python docstring to your Python script file.

  • vim-isort - Vim plugin to sort python imports using

  • Useful VIM scripts

     # Number of spaces that a <Tab> in the file counts for.
     set tabstop=4
     # Number of spaces to use for each step of (auto)indent.  Used for |'cindent'|, |>>|, |<<|, etc.
     set shiftwidth=4
     # Converting tabs to spaces.
     set expandtab
     # Remove tailing spaces upon saving the file
     autocmd BufWritePre * :%s/\s\+$//e


C-family Languages

  • YouCompleteMe - Fast, as-you-type, fuzzy-search code completion engine for Vim.
  • vim-cpp-enhanced-highlight - Additional Vim syntax highlighting for C++. (including C++11/14)
  • vim-fswitch - Vim plug for switching between companion source files. (e.g. ".h" and ".cpp")
  • vim-protodef - Pulling C++ function prototypes into implementation files.
  • clang_complete - Vim plugin that use clang for completing C/C++ code.
  • vim-clang - Clang completion plugin for vim.


  • vim-go - Go (golang) support for Vim, which comes with pre-defined sensible settings (like auto gofmt on save), with autocomplete, snippet support, improved syntax highlighting, go toolchain commands, and more.


  • typescript-vim - Typescript syntax files for Vim.
  • tsuquyomi - Typescript autocomplete, syntax checking, and more.



  • vim-elixir - Elixir support for vim. Also adds support for Elixir's templating language, EEx.


  • vim-instant-markdown - Instant Markdown previews for vim.
  • vim-markdown - Syntax highlighting, matching rules and mappings for the original Markdown and extensions.


  • ansible-vim - Ansible syntax highlighting and common filetypes.


  • vim-asciidoc - Enhanced editing support for Asciidoc files in Vim.


Generic log

Android log (logcat)

  • vim-logcat - Syntax and trivial utility for logcat(Log of Android).


  • Dockerfile.vim - Vim syntax file & snippets for Docker's Dockerfile.

Systemd units


  • vimperator.vim - Syntax highlighting for Vimperator files, an extension make Firefox look and behave like Vim.


  • vim-tmux - Make terminal vim and tmux work better together.


  • vimtex - A modern vim plugin for editing LaTeX files.


  • Vim-Jinja2-Syntax - The Jinja2 syntax file for vim with the ability to detect either HTML or Jinja.


  • nginx.vim - highlights configuration files for nginx.


A good workman is known by his tips




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