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iNAV is a fork of cleanflight with a heavy focus upon GPS features for both airplanes & multirotor models.

iNav is being actively developed and currently supports RTH (Return To Home) with a predefined climb height, position hold, waypoints, "follow-me" and many more features.

A wide variety of inexpensive flight controller boards are supported. F4 & F7 flight control boards are strongly suggested to gain access to the full features of iNav.

Latest release for F1 boards is INAV 1.7.3

iNav has many settings that are different than cleanflight, so while the configurator may look familiar to you, simply restoring settings from an older version of cleanflight won't work & the calibration process is very, very different.

As such it is ABSOLUTELY mandatory to read these pages:

All configuration is done through INAV Configurator.

This Wiki is available in other languages: Русский

Searching the wiki

The wiki can be searched via Google (at least) as follows:

  • In the search bar enter TOPIC (where TOPIC is your search item), e.g.
  • 3DR for information on using 3DR radios with iNav
  • mission planner for information about iNav capable mission planners

The wider project (issues, pull requests) can be searched by omitting the wiki term, e.g.:

  • softserial