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The SCons Gob2 tool

This tool offers a simple Builder named Gob2() for creating C/CPP and header files from *.gob input. It does so by calling the GObject builder executable gob2.


Installing it requires you to copy (or, even better: checkout) the contents of the package's gob2 folder to

  • "/path_to_your_project/site_scons/site_tools/gob2", if you need the Gob2 Tool in one project only, or

  • "~/.scons/site_scons/site_tools/gob2", for a system-wide installation under your current login. For more infos about this, please refer to

  • the SCons User's Guide, chap. 19.7 "Where to put your custom Builders and Tools" and

  • the SCons Tools Wiki page at http://scons.org/wiki/ToolsIndex.

How to activate

For activating the tool "gob2", you have to add its name to the Environment constructor, like this

env = Environment(tools=['default','gob2'])

On its startup, the Gob2 tool tries to find the gob2 executable. So make sure that it is added to your system's environment PATH and can be called directly, without giving its full path.

Using it

Simply call


for C files, or


for CPP output.

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