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Recent versions of scons (>=0.08) know about nasm, so it is very likely that this item is not useful for nasm anymore However, the code can be applied to other tools

Here is an example of a nasm files builder (nasm is the netwide assembler):

nasm_builder = Builder(name='Nasm', action='nasm -f elf -o $TARGET $SOURCE', src_suffix='.nasm')
nasm_env = Environment(BUILDERS = [nasm_builder])

# BUILDERS now takes a dictionary, not an array, this must be outdated
nasm_files = 'unix/snapvector unix/ftol'
nasm_objs = [ nasm_env.Nasm(target=x+'.o', source=x+'.nasm') for x in nasm_files.split() ] 

env.Program(target='spam', source = source_list + nasm_objs)

This was inspired by this thread on scons-users

The construction of nasm_objs requires Python 2.0 or newer.

You can also note that instead of doing

nasm_files = [ 'unix/snapvector', 'unix/ftol' ]

I did

nasm_files = 'unix/snapvector unix/ftol' nasm_list = nasm_files.split()

that's just a handy trick when the lists of files are pretty long to write

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