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SCons on Jython

Getting Jython source code:

$ svn co

To update run:

$ cd jython
$ svn up

To compile a development version:

run ant inside of the jython directory

The following settings will have to be made within:

JAVA_HOME      Java installation directory
JYTHON_HOME    Jython installation directory
JYTHON_OPTS    Default Jython command line arguments

You can set an alias in your shell for the jython command and point it to dist/bin/jython

Installing setuptools

$ wget
$ tar xzvf setuptools-0.6c9.tar.gz
$ cd setuptools-0.6c9
$ jython build
$ jython install

Installing qmtest

$ svn co svn:// qmtest
$ cd qmtest
$ jython build
$ jython install

Installing SCons using the Jython branch

$ svn co  scons-jython
$ cd scons-jython
$ jython build/scons
$ export SCONS_LIB_DIR=`pwd`/src/engine
$ jython src/script/ build/scons

$ cd build/scons
$ jython install

$ jython install --standard-lib
Installs SCons libraries into the Python std lib

-incompatabilities fixed in the Jython port

-the porting progress and changes to SCons

-how to use SCons on Jython

-information about the setup of a buildbot for SCons on Jython

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