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This builder is exactly like the StaticLibrary builder, but uses position independant code (pic). It is useful when the library is meant to be statically linked to a shared library.

def createStaticPicLibraryBuilder(env):
    """This is a utility function that creates the StaticExtLibrary Builder in
    an Environment if it is not there already.

    If it is already there, we return the existing one."""
    import SCons.Action

        static_extlib = env['BUILDERS']['StaticPicLibrary']
    except KeyError:
        action_list = [ SCons.Action.Action("$ARCOM", "$ARCOMSTR") ]
        if env.Detect('ranlib'):
            ranlib_action = SCons.Action.Action("$RANLIBCOM", "$RANLIBCOMSTR")

    static_extlib = SCons.Builder.Builder(action = action_list,
                                          emitter = '$LIBEMITTER',
                                          prefix = '$LIBPREFIX',
                                          suffix = '$LIBSUFFIX',
                                          src_suffix = '$OBJSUFFIX',
                                          src_builder = 'SharedObject')

    env['BUILDERS']['StaticPicLibrary'] = static_extlib
    return static_extlib

You then just have to call the function createStaticPicLibrary(env), and then call the StaticPicLibrary builder, which has exactly the same semantics as the StaticLibrary one. The only difference with StaticLibrary is the src_builder: instead of calling StaticObject, it uses SharedObject.

Note that since scons uses a different suffix for pic object code and non pic object code, it may confuse some tools which expects .o in static libraries.

Question (thank you in advance AdrianNeagu):

  • I see how this works when the builder is given a set of *.c files as sources. But how does it check the input when I provide compiled object Scons nodes? How does it check that I provided only SharedObject() nodes and no StaticObject() node in the list of input nodes?
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