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The Roadmap

The goal of this page is to provide an overview of current goals and their status similar to the roadmap page from DungeonHack.

Task status description:

  • open: no one has claimed this task yet or the task has not been started
  • wip: work-in-progress; someone has claimed/started this task
  • done: task is finished

Additional tasks can be found on our issue tracker.

SCons itself

Task Status Assigned to Target version
Performance Work wip bdbaddog 3.1
Integrating wrapper for speedup wip gary, dirk 3.x
Revamp of Tools subsystem wip gary
Recursive Glob (ant-like) wip dirk
Java support, partial redesign and adding functionality, e.g. for inner classes (JavaStrategy and JavaSupport) open jannijtmans,russel?
TNG, refactor task scheduling open
PluginArchitecture, what's this? open

Web stuff

Task Status Assigned to Target version
Rewrite/restructure "About SCons"/"Getting started" sections open member


Task Status Assigned to Target version
Migrate to GitHub done bdbaddog 3.x
Migrate current issues database from Tigris to GitHub done bdbaddog 3.0.1
Python 3 compatibility (including full Unicode support) wip bdbaddog 3.0
Switch trunk development to Mercurial (DVCSMigration) done (2017-04-14) member
Redesign website Done Bill
Issue 2264: cross-language scanner support done William Blevins 2.5
Switch Node class to using slots done dirk 2.4
Rewrite of doc toolchain done (2013-05-04, rev 0c9c8aff8f46) dirk
New design for SCons docs (book/article) done (2013-05-04, rev 0c9c8aff8f46) dirk
MoinMoin upgrade for further tweaking done techtonik

See also SConsFutureProjects for ideas considered for implementation.

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