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SCons Bug Party

The SCons Bug Party is our semi-regular (bi-weekly?) session for examining and prioritizing open issues. When we started in March, 2008, we had no triaged issues and 430 untriaged issues (i.e., issues with a milestone of -unspecified-). Here's how we're doing today.

The next bug party will be on the #scons IRC channel (irc://irc.freenode.net/#scons), on 24 May, 2011 at 20h00 on the right coast (EDT), 17h00 on the left coast (PDT), and after midnight in most of Europe; for specific locations, check the timezone information here. It should last between sixty and ninety minutes. All are invited.

Responsibilities of Release Team Members

Release team members are expected to subscribe to this wiki page (using the "Subscribe" link above) so that they will be automatically notified of any changes. Not all changes will be reported in the mailing list, but it is expected that "non-routine" changes will be.

Approximately 4 days before the bug party, a Google spreadsheet will be published corresponding to the the agenda below. Release team members are expected to record their comments and (initial) appraisal in the spreadsheet. Write access to the spreadsheets is available by following these instructions. (If you can't access the instructions page, please email dev@scons.tigris.org and ask to be added to the ReleaseGroup. It's open to all, as is the bug party itself, but this keeps the noise down a bit.)

If there is no quorum of comments six hours before the bug party, the meeting is automatically rescheduled one week later. In this context, a quorum is that "most" of the issues have three or more significant comments attached to them. (The definition of "most" is flexible, as the number of issues varies so widely. If there's disagreement about whether "most" of the issues have a quorum, the bug party will be held according to the original schedule.) Issues that lack a quorum will be bypassed at the bug party.

People who comment on the issues will be expected to attend the meeting, unless they specifically send mail to the contrary. People who comment but do not attend must make sure that their comments are particularly understandable or the comments will be ignored.

The meeting is called and moved to the next week if there's no quorum by five minutes past the start time. In this context, a quorum is at least three team members who commented on the issues.


Specific agenda items:

  • Triage issues. As a rule of thumb, issues are expected to be resolved in two or three minutes on average. If the discussion of an issue goes past five minutes, it should be moved into email and the issue bypassed until the next meeting. This agenda item is suspended with about fifteen minutes left in the expected meeting time to allow for the remaining agenda items.
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