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SCons Tool for reStructuredText

Provides a SCons Tool that allows SConstruct scripts to build HTML and LaTeX files from reStructuredText sources.

Mainline Repository and Release Tarball

The project page for this tool is on Bitbucket There you can find more infos about how to get the sources or download a release tarball, but it is recommended to use Mercurial to branch the mainline branch -- a form of continuous release.

Detailed instructions about installing and using the Tool can be found in its manual

manual.pdf manual.html

, or on the page of external SCons Tools, the so-called ToolsIndex.

The first version

import SCons.Builder


of this Tool by JDMarble (2009-02-13) has been removed, such that people are no longer encouraged to use it. It is still available as revision #0 in the Bitbucket repository.

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