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GCCXML Builder

This is a simple builder, its still a little rough on the implementation side but it has been tested on Linux, Mac (OS X), and Windows.

Current Issues

  • Unsure whether defines are properly sent to GCC-XML on Windows
  • Unsure whether the "--gccxml-config" and "--gccxml-flags" options are working properly on Windows


# Add our special builder to the environment
env = Environment(tools = ['default', 'gccxml'])
# Process our header into XML
xmlfile = env.XMLHeader('MyHeader.h')

# Now tell py++ that we already made the xml file
xmlfile = pygccxml.parser.create_gccxml_fc(xmlfile.abspath)
mb = module_builder.module_builder_t(files = [xmlfile]) 


# Copyright 2007 Joseph Lisee
# Author: Joseph Lisee
# License: Public Domain

This module contains a custom GCC-XML tool for SCons

import os

import SCons.Builder
import SCons.Tool

                              src_suffic = ['h', 'hpp'],
                              source_scanner = SCons.Tool.CScanner)

def generate(env):
    gccxml_path = env.WhereIs('gccxml')
    if gccxml_path is None:
        print 'Could not find gccxml, please make sure it is on your PATH'
    env['GCCXML'] = gccxml_path

    gccxml_dir = os.path.dirname(gccxml_path)
    extra = ''
    if os.name != 'posix':
        extra = '--gccxml-config "' + os.path.abspath(os.path.join(gccxml_dir, 'gccxml_config')) +'"'
        extra += ' --gccxml-cxxflags " /DWIN32 /D_WINDOWS /W3 /Zm1000 /EHsc /GR /MT" '
    env['GCCXML_EXTRA_FLAGS'] = extra
    #env['GCCXML_EXTRA_FLAGS'] = ''
    # These variables hold the expanded form of the include and defines lists
    env['_XML_CPPINCFLAGS'] = '$( ${_concat(INCPREFIX, XMLCPPPATH, INCSUFFIX, __env__, RDirs)} $)'

    if os.name != 'posix':
        env['GCCXML_INCPREFIX'] = '-I'
        env['_XML_CPPINCFLAGS'] = '$( ${_concat(GCCXML_INCPREFIX, CPPPATH, INCSUFFIX, __env__, RDirs, TARGET, SOURCE) } $)'
    # Added the builder to the given environment
    env.Append(BUILDERS = {'XMLHeader' : GCCXMLBuilder })

def exists(env):
    return env.Detect('gccxml')
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