IrcLog2008 06 02

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16:23:54  *      bdbaddog (n=[]( has joined #scons 
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17:00:32  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Steven and Gary have said they will be late; who else is here for the bug party? 
17:00:52  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  And Gary may not make it at all. 
17:01:18  <jrandall>     here, but after looking through the current list of bugs, there's not a lot I have to add to them 
17:01:40  <jrandall>     Had a hard time getting into 2007Q3.   Any known problem with that spreadsheet? 
17:02:08  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  No, just the usual.  Nobody has figured out the exact magic needed. 
17:03:00  <jrandall>     Hrm, I had it opened view-only in another tab, maybe that vexed it for some reason.   I'll try again later to see if it likes me then 
17:03:24  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Apparently, that's one no-no. 
17:03:55  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Could you add that note to the [ReadWrite](ReadWrite) page? 
17:04:00  <jrandall>     Sure thing 
17:04:44  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Bill, are you there?  Or was that an automatic connection? 
17:06:40  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Apparently not.  Only two isn't a quorum, but we can wait a bit and see if Steven or Gary show up. 
17:06:48  <jrandall>     Sure thing 
17:06:48  *      chit-chat while wating for quorum 
17:12:54  *      stevenknight (n=[]( has joined #scons 
17:13:12  <stevenknight> hi, who's here? 
17:13:23  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  nobody 
17:13:31  <stevenknight> damn 
17:13:39  <jrandall>     aye, 'tis quiet 
17:14:11  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Gary is caught at work and may not make it. 
17:16:43  <bdbaddog>     Hi All. I'm here til about 5:30ish. 
17:17:00  <stevenknight> hi bill 
17:17:09  <bdbaddog>     Good Day! 
17:17:31  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Hey, Bill. 
17:17:13  <stevenknight> i just got connected myself, shall we dive into the current issues? 
17:17:39  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Sure 
17:17:38  <stevenknight> 2073:  moot, already fixed 
17:17:56  <stevenknight> 2074:  consensus 2.x p2 
17:18:14  <stevenknight> 2076:  consensus 1.x p1 
17:18:43  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Geeze, let me catch up. 
17:19:20  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  2074, 2076, done 
17:19:30  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  2077 
17:19:37  <stevenknight> oh, 2076:  we should assign to someone, yes? 
17:19:54  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Assign Bill 
17:20:01  <stevenknight> works for me 
17:20:10  <bdbaddog>     oh boy. imagine if I wasn't here.. ;) 
17:20:17  <stevenknight> 2077:  consensus 1.x 
17:20:28  <stevenknight> two votes (kind of) for p4, any objections? 
17:20:43  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Er, 2077 assign Bill; I'll look at 2076 
17:20:56  <stevenknight> okay 
17:20:57  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  unless Bill wants it 
17:21:35  <bdbaddog>     nope. but I'll take a look at 2077. might be 2 weeks as I have trade show next week, before I get a chance. 
17:21:45  <stevenknight> done 
17:21:47  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  done 
17:22:03  <stevenknight> 2078:  1.x, p2, me (along with other Visual Studio / VC work) 
17:22:21  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  ok 
17:22:39  <stevenknight> (the reprioritization after 1.0 is released is going to be fun...) 
17:22:49  <stevenknight> 2079:  2.x, greg? 
17:23:05  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Hmmm...  OK, I guess 
17:23:14  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  what priority? 
17:23:28  <stevenknight> sounds like you have a handle on it 
17:23:37  <stevenknight> I don't quite grok why a File.Grep() method 
17:23:54  <bdbaddog>     it's like Glob() but with regular expressions.. 
17:24:00  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  It's not obvious when to use and str(f) 
17:24:09  <stevenknight> as opposed to some more generic method that might also grep for Dir, Alias, Value... 
17:24:27  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  No, no, no, it looks at file contents. 
17:24:39  <stevenknight> ah 
17:24:41  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Like a scanner. 
17:24:50  <bdbaddog>     oh. I thought from the emails, the requestor wanted to grep the file names,not contents. 
17:25:10  <stevenknight> yeah, like Filter (and [FilterOut](FilterOut)) in Ant 
17:25:25  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  No, he wanted to scan for 'int main(' to locate the main programs 
17:25:28  <bdbaddog>     o.k. never mind just reread. 
17:25:44  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Maybe those are better names (FilterIn/Out) 
17:25:55  <stevenknight> well, they imply matching names, not file contents 
17:26:02  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Ah, true. 
17:26:05  <bdbaddog>     yes. sounds clearer, Grep makes me think Glob but Regex. 
17:26:13  <stevenknight> i guess rather than add a special method (IMHO) 
17:26:40  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  (yes?) 
17:26:47  <stevenknight> i'm more interested in giving File nodes a read() method 
17:26:57  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Hmmmm...... 
17:26:58  <stevenknight> that looks like normal Python file objects 
17:26:59  <bdbaddog>     ahh. I like that even more. 
17:27:12  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  I think I do, too 
17:27:14  <stevenknight> and then let people manipulate using normal Python 
17:27:41  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Yes, good idea.  I'll write it up that way. 
17:27:49  <stevenknight> okay, thanks 
17:27:57  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  next? 
17:28:16  <stevenknight> 2080:  TASK 
17:28:32  <stevenknight> i forget, how are we marking items like this?  1.0 and just move them along? 
17:28:39  <stevenknight> i.e., things that can be done any time 
17:28:42  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  How about David as a release team member? 
17:28:50  <stevenknight> ++ 
17:28:58  <bdbaddog>     I think he said he didn't have enough time though. 
17:29:03  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  No, I make up something 
17:29:48  <stevenknight> ?? 
17:29:48  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  I don't think being on the mailing list would be a problem; I'd appreciate his insight for the spreadsheets. 
17:30:07  <stevenknight> agreed 
17:30:12  <bdbaddog>     sounds good. 
17:30:40  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  "make up something" === try to guess when it would be done; it's what the not-research items should be. 
17:30:54  <stevenknight> okay 
17:31:17  <stevenknight> 2081:  consensus 1.x p2 
17:31:29  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  I can create something for backburner issues, but "backburner" is not a name that delights me. 
17:31:51  <stevenknight> "backburner" to me would be implied by the priority 
17:32:02  <stevenknight> since the target milestone is really about timeframe 
17:32:07  <stevenknight> how about an explicit "anytime" 
17:32:09  <stevenknight> ? 
17:32:20  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Hmmm....  I'll look at that 
17:32:24  <stevenknight> okay 
17:32:34  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  2081: done 
17:33:12  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  2082: split between p2 and p4 
17:33:15  <stevenknight> 2082:  i meant 1.x 
17:33:18  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  (both 1.x) 
17:33:41  <stevenknight> so 1.x, and p3? (split the difference) 
17:33:47  <bdbaddog>     Looks like just needs some tests to be able to be applied right? 
17:33:56  <bdbaddog>     Do we have much coverage on rc files? 
17:34:18  <stevenknight> not a lot 
17:34:23  <stevenknight> i was just dealing with rc file today 
17:34:34  <stevenknight> so i'd put my name on this one, too 
17:34:39  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  works 
17:35:03  <bdbaddog>     O.k I"m a pumpkin. I've gotta head to class. 
17:35:04  <stevenknight> 2083:  looks like consensus 1.x p2 
17:35:08  <bdbaddog>     Good evening to all. 
17:35:10  <stevenknight> later 
17:35:13  *      bdbaddog has quit ("Leaving.") 
17:36:05  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  2083: yeah, but we need to talk about the model. 
17:36:16  <stevenknight> fire away 
17:36:28  <stevenknight> or did you mean on the ML? 
17:36:25  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Maybe not right now, but there needs to be some agreement on how to do it. 
17:36:45  <stevenknight> okay 
17:37:09  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  ML would be fine; the last time I wrote a suggestion about it, it just died away, and I still don't have any real ideas 
17:37:34  <stevenknight> yeah, i may be the only one who cares about it in practice 
17:37:44  <stevenknight> purely because of wanting to do everything that Make does... :-) 
17:37:46  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  No, I do 
17:37:58  <stevenknight> no, i mean cares whether there is a mechanism that works 
17:38:06  <stevenknight> i think most people want it to just go away... :-) 
17:38:05  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  The real problem is less-than-clean removals 
17:38:17  <stevenknight> ah, right 
17:39:08  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  If it were only creating "cleaner" levels, it would be easy, but you want to be able to clean out, say, just the intermediate files 
17:39:17  <stevenknight> right 
17:39:40  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  I just don't have any good idea for how to do thatt. 
17:39:45  <stevenknight> so for now:  1.x, p2, and either you or I to lead discussion (even if it's just between the two of us)? 
17:39:52  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  works 
17:40:03  <stevenknight> either that or "research" since we're still not sure 
17:40:23  <stevenknight> your choice, 1.x or research 
17:40:48  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  1.x; that'll force us to look at it at a specific time 
17:40:52  <stevenknight> good 
17:41:02  <stevenknight> 2084:  i'm clueless 
17:41:07  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  2084, where's Gary? 
17:41:17  <stevenknight> we could make it research, garyo 
17:41:29  <stevenknight> just so he doesn't escape completely unscathed by not showing up...  :-) 
17:41:35  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  I'll buy that! 
17:41:43  <stevenknight> done 
17:41:49  <jrandall>     lol 
17:42:20  <stevenknight> 2085:  1.0, p4 (split difference), me 
17:42:28  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  done 
17:42:53  <stevenknight> i have doc changes teed up for once i get 0.98.5 out (I hope later this evening, this past weekend was overrun by daughter's birthday) 
17:43:12  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Happy birthday; daughters are dangerous 
17:43:30  <stevenknight> oh my goodness yes 
17:43:34  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  how old? 
17:43:39  <stevenknight> 10 
17:43:44  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  ouch! 
17:44:05  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  I remember my niece at ten....  oh, my, are you in for it! 
17:44:25  <stevenknight> yeah, I'm right on the cusp of going from being cool Dad to the biggest dork in the world 
17:44:46  <stevenknight> mind you, that last bit isn't much of a stretch... 
17:45:20  <stevenknight> anyway, 2007 q2? 
17:45:32  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  er, q3? 
17:45:41  <stevenknight> oh, right, q3 
17:45:48  <stevenknight> i was working ahead a little on q2 
17:46:20  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  1869 
17:46:51  <stevenknight> ? 
17:46:55  <stevenknight> i have 1687 as the first? 
17:47:01  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  fixed 
17:47:08  <stevenknight> ah 
17:47:39  <stevenknight> 1689:  consensus 1.x, 
17:47:55  <stevenknight> p2? 
17:48:14  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Another one that needs some discussion after a bit of research, but 
17:48:27  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  p2 is a reasonable time to do it. 
17:48:27  <stevenknight> right 
17:48:43  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  OK, done 
17:49:08  <stevenknight> assign to...?  you (maybe [ParseConfig](ParseConfig)), me (I might know what's going on), leave blank for now? 
17:49:41  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  blank, actually issues@scons 
17:49:55  <stevenknight> okay 
17:50:09  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  I don't think it was backtick 
17:50:27  <stevenknight> maybe not 
17:50:04  <stevenknight> 1690:  research, me (Visual Studio stuff) 
17:50:40  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  1690, done 
17:50:52  <stevenknight> 1691:  documentation, 1.0, me 
17:51:14  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  done 
17:51:28  <stevenknight> 1692:  research, me (Visual Studio again) 
17:51:29  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  may need to follow up to see what the message was 
17:51:40  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  1692, done 
17:51:52  <stevenknight> 1693:  consensus 1.x p2 
17:52:08  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  done 
17:52:09  <stevenknight> good manageable bug for someone else to take 
17:52:15  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  yes 
17:52:28  <stevenknight> 1697:  research, me (Visual Studio) 
17:52:47  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  okay 
17:53:16  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  1701, ditto 
17:53:17  <stevenknight> 1701:  research, me (Visual Studio) 
17:53:19  <stevenknight> right 
17:53:20  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  done 
17:53:34  <stevenknight> it isn't the pipes thing, it has to do with how we look in the #*@&(#$ registry for various info 
17:53:56  <stevenknight> 1702:  same... 
17:54:02  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  1702, ditto 
17:54:10  <stevenknight> man, there's a lot of Visual Studio cruft piling up 
17:54:26  <stevenknight> I'm really itching to get in there and clean this stuff up 
17:54:50  <stevenknight> 1703: 
17:54:52  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Do you want a keyword for it?  I can set it up, but you'll have to assign them all. 
17:54:56  <stevenknight> not sure about my 1.x p3 
17:55:04  <stevenknight> keyword:  yes 
17:55:17  <stevenknight> "[VisualStudio](VisualStudio)" seems logical 
17:55:30  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  do you mean 1704? 
17:55:39  <stevenknight> oh, yes 1704: 
17:56:00  <stevenknight> 1704:  seems like if it were really crucial more people would have asked for it 
17:56:07  <stevenknight> i only know of this one patch 
17:56:19  <stevenknight> on the other hand, it kind of goes along with what Russel was saying on the ML today 
17:56:33  <stevenknight> about how SCons really doesn't have much traction in the Java community 
17:56:35  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  There was something on the mailing list about JAR() recently, maybe today? 
17:56:46  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  oops, you already said that 
17:56:47  <stevenknight> yeah, Russel's threads 
17:57:00  <stevenknight> let's leave it p3 
17:57:06  <stevenknight> since there's already a patch 
17:57:07  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  OK 
17:57:25  <stevenknight> if we ever are going to do better with Java, it can't hurt to have this already supported 
17:57:32  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Maybe draft a Java specialist to keep us on track 
17:57:50  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Maybe Russel? 
17:57:58  <stevenknight> maybe 
17:58:09  <stevenknight> he tends to appear and reapper in fits and starts 
17:58:14  <stevenknight> disappear i mean 
17:58:47  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  I'll write him about creating a wiki page with what's needed for Java support 
17:58:56  <stevenknight> hmm, i thought i recalled there was someone else who showed up on the ML with some Java knowledge a month or two ago 
17:59:09  <stevenknight> maybe i'm making that up 
17:59:22  <stevenknight> well, it can't hurt to ask, anyway 
17:59:24  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  No, I have his name 
17:59:37  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  I'll ask them both 
17:59:43  <stevenknight> good idea re: wiki page 
17:59:49  <stevenknight> sounds good 
18:00:35  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  anyway, what did we decide about 1704? 
18:01:04  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  1.x, p2, you? 
18:01:21  <stevenknight> done 
18:01:58  <stevenknight> 1705:  1.x, jim ...  p3? 
18:02:05  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  or p2 
18:02:09  <jrandall>     Aye - I've got a patch in that fixes it 
18:02:24  <stevenknight> jrandall++ 
18:02:32  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  bravo! 
18:02:47  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  p2 then? 
18:02:48  <jrandall>     thanks. 
18:02:52  <stevenknight> yeah, p2 
18:02:55  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  done 
18:03:23  <stevenknight> 1706:  1.x, but now i'm not sure of priority 
18:03:50  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  I'll look at it, maybe p4? 
18:04:02  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  It's part of getting symlinks right. 
18:04:16  <stevenknight> sure, 1.x, p4, you 
18:04:21  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  done 
18:04:44  <stevenknight> 1707: consensus 2.x p4 
18:04:53  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  done, or future? 
18:05:26  <stevenknight> hmm, i'm torn 
18:05:38  <stevenknight> part of me says future because no one seems to have asked for it 
18:05:47  <stevenknight> but maybe 2.x because there's already code 
18:06:06  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Yeah, but infected 
18:07:12  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Let's leave it at 2.x p4 and revisit later 
18:07:24  <stevenknight> okay 
18:07:31  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  1708, I'll go with Ken to look at it. 
18:08:00  <stevenknight> 1708:  okay 
18:08:15  <stevenknight> I may need to take it back if he doesn't pop up again 
18:08:26  <stevenknight> but we should at least see if he can take it 
18:08:27  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  If he doesn't like it, he can kick it elsewhere. 
18:08:32  <stevenknight> yeah 
18:08:38  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  I'll put that in the note. 
18:08:43  <stevenknight> okay 
18:09:14  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  1711, quite a mix 
18:09:18  <stevenknight> 1711:  yeah 
18:09:30  <stevenknight> when in doubt, shade to the earlier target 
18:09:37  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Huh? 
18:09:46  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Oh, I see. 
18:09:55  <stevenknight> i tend to go with the earlier/earliest milestone 
18:10:26  <stevenknight> i'd rather make sure it gets considered and reprioritize to later if necessary 
18:10:27  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Let's make it 1.x then and give it to Gary, since he's not here 
18:10:48  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  p3? 
18:10:53  <stevenknight> ah, good idea -- he's done subst stuff 
18:10:54  <stevenknight> yes, p3 
18:10:58  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  done 
18:11:17  <stevenknight> 1712:  2.x, p3 
18:11:27  <stevenknight> perhaps Benoit if we want to assign it 
18:11:32  <stevenknight> he's good at things like this 
18:12:00  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  I'd want measurements.  I don't think scanners are that slow. 
18:12:19  <stevenknight> good point, they're probably not 
18:12:26  <jrandall>     Aye.   Not clear where the tradeoff would be as to whether it'd be worth it or not 
18:12:37  <jrandall>     Most of mine, it wouldn't be worth spawning 
18:12:46  <stevenknight> actually, (off topic) i have an optimization i'm thinking of that I'd like to discuss with you some time 
18:13:02  <stevenknight> let's get through bugs first though 
18:13:19  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  In fact, I think a small rewrite so that scanners overlap with the previous command would cure it. 
18:13:36  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  I do that in TaskmasterNG 
18:13:42  <jrandall>     nice 
18:13:43  <stevenknight> oh, very cool 
18:13:48  <stevenknight> simple and effective 
18:14:14  <stevenknight> 1714:  1.x, p3 
18:14:15  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Is that the optimization? 
18:14:59  <stevenknight> no, it's basically trying to make searching CPPPATH O(1) instead of O(n) 
18:15:06  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  1714, agreed, but spin off JAR to another issue 
18:15:16  <stevenknight> 1714: agreed 
18:15:26  <stevenknight> 1.x, p3, garyo 
18:15:38  <stevenknight> could also go to Russel or whoever gets to be Java guru 
18:15:53  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  done; I'll note that 
18:16:13  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  OT: yes, they should be hashed better. 
18:16:16  <stevenknight> good 
18:16:43  <stevenknight> OT: actually, even beyond that, the search is attached to the wrong object 
18:16:51  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  1717, you, VS 
18:17:07  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  OT: yes, I've noticed that 
18:17:08  <stevenknight> 1717:  yes 
18:17:15  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  done 
18:17:41  <stevenknight> 1722:  it's Bill's, let's WONTFIX it...  :-) 
18:17:52  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  1720, has Bill left? 
18:18:05  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  oops, 1722 
18:18:10  <stevenknight> yeah he's gone 
18:18:19  <stevenknight> so he gets what he deserves... :-) 
18:18:27  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  OK, WONTFIX unless he provides a test case 
18:18:37  <stevenknight> done 
18:19:00  <stevenknight> 1723:  can this be part of the toolchain stuff you and Gary have on the backburner? 
18:19:10  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  yes 
18:19:15  <stevenknight> oh, yeah, your comment even *says* that... 
18:19:21  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  yup 
18:19:32  <stevenknight> future, you? 
18:19:36  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  done 
18:19:51  <stevenknight> 1730:  1.x, p3, Rob? 
18:20:33  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Uh, maybe not Rob 
18:21:11  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Oops, I was thinking of another issue; yes, Rob. 
18:21:19  <stevenknight> okay 
18:21:27  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  It's a little out of his area, but he can work with you. 
18:21:56  <stevenknight> okay 
18:22:21  <stevenknight> 1735:  research, Rob? 
18:22:30  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  1735, what if it's still a bug?  Where to put it? 
18:22:56  <stevenknight> I'm agnostic -- 1.x p3? 
18:23:22  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  works; I'll tell him to contact me if he needs to 
18:23:27  <stevenknight> done 
18:23:39  <stevenknight> 1716:  research, me, [VisualStudio](VisualStudio) 
18:23:57  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  done; quit for the evening? 
18:24:02  <stevenknight> yeah, i have to run 
18:24:06  <stevenknight> real quick re: CPPPATH 
18:24:06  *      off-topic discussion between stevenknight and [GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel) 
18:30:36  <stevenknight> okay, really gotta run 
18:30:39  <stevenknight> thanks! 
18:30:39  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  When shall we all meet again? 
18:30:39  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  In thunder, lightning, or in rain? 
18:30:39  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  Where the place, ...  same time next week? 
18:30:52  <stevenknight> oh, damn, that's right 
18:30:57  <stevenknight> yes, default, same time and place 
18:31:01  <[GregoryNoel](GregoryNoel)>  done; cu 
18:31:05  <stevenknight> l8r 
18:31:06  *      stevenknight has quit ("Leaving") 
18:31:07  <jrandall>     see you 
18:31:09  *      jrandall (n=[]( has left #scons 

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