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How to build a program that can then be used to build other files ?

One fairly common requirement in builds is to create some tool from source code, and then use that tool as part of the build to generate other files.

A simple way to do that is to use a SCons Emitter. SCons emitters are hooks to modify a builder target or list of sources. You can learn more about emitters from SCons User Manual.

In our case we want to declare an emitter that will declare that the files generated by our program depend of building the program itself.

As an example, lets use a mk_vds program that can build a .vds file from a .txt input. This tool has to be built from the source file mk_vds.c.

# SConstruct file

env = Environment()

# create the mk_vds generator tool
mk_vds_tool = env.Program(target="mk_vds", source="mk_vds.c")

# create emitter that says that any target (.vds) depends on our mk_vds program
def mk_vds_emitter(target, source, env):
    env.Depends(target, mk_vds_tool)
    return (target, source)

# create a builder (that uses the emitter) to build .vds files from .txt files
# The use of abspath is so that mk_vds's directory doesn't have to be added to the shell path.
bld = Builder(
    action=mk_vds_tool[0].abspath + " < $SOURCE > $TARGET",

# add the new Builder to the list of builders
env["BUILDERS"]["MK_VDS"] = bld

# generate foo.vds from foo.txt using mk_vds

If you look at the resulting dependency tree you can see it works:

$ scons --debug=tree foo.vds