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A quick hack to build Inno setups using iscc (the Inno Setup preprocessor):

import SCons.Builder;
import os;

def runInno(source,target,env,for_signature):
    INNO_DEFINES=" ".join(['/D'+define for define in env['ISCCDEFINES']]);
    (TARGETDIR,TARGETFILE) = os.path.split(str(target[0]));
    return '%(ISCC)s %(SOURCE)s %(DEFINES)s /O "%(TARGETDIR)s" /F"%(TARGETFILE)s" %(ISCCOPTIONS)s ' % \

def generate(env,**kw):
    env['BUILDERS']['InnoInstaller'] = SCons.Builder.Builder( generator=runInno,

def exists(env):
    return env.WhereIs("iscc");

In the SConstruct file:

installer=env.InnoInstaller(target='setup_x64',source='setup_x64.iss',ISCCDEFINES=['APP_NAME="Your App Name"','APP_VERSION="10.4"']);
env.Depends(installer,ALL_THE_DEPENDENCIES); # need to do this manually since there is no dep scanner yet
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