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The following tool, cuda ( is for using the CUDA Toolkit by NVidia. See the end of the page for an example SConscript for building the simpleGL sample that comes with the SDK and some notes.

The tool code

Note: code migrated to scons-contrib!


The SConscript for building simpleGL:


env = Environment()
env.Append(LIBS=['cutil', 'glut', 'GLEW'])

env.Program('simpleGL', ['simpleGL.cpp', ''])


The above tool has only been tested on Linux and Mac OS X. If your project doesn't use any of the above paths, you can specify

env['CUDA_TOOLKIT_PATH'] = path to the CUDA Toolkit
env['CUDA_SDK_PATH'] = path to the CUDA SDK

If the tool finds the paths, it sets the above to the path it found. If you want to include CFLAGS for the nvcc, set the

env['NVCCFLAGS'] = flags common to static and shared objects
env['STATICNVCCFLAGS'] = flags for static objects
env['SHAREDNVCCFLAGS'] = flags for shared objects

variables. The tool will include automatically the 'cudart' library in LIBS but not cublas nor cufft because you might not need them. Call env.Append as shown in the sample above to add extra libraries after calling env.Tool('cuda').


This is an implementation detail, but i'm posting this too here. I'm not sure if this was the best thing to do, but it seems to work. I added two emitters for .cu files which modify the results of the Scons.Defaults.Static/SharedObjectEmitter to also add .linkinfo suffixed files as a target because the nvcc compiler builds a .o/.obj and a .linkinfo from a .cu file and i needed to somehow tell to SCons to delete the .linkinfo files when scons -c is issued. If you think of a better method for this, please inform me.

After discussions on the usage of the *.linkinfo files plus some googling, I came to the conclusion that the *.linkinfo files shouldn't be returned from the emitters because they were not used in the build chain: NVidia DevTalk on linkinfo. - William Blevins

The implementation has been updated to add *.linkinfo files as side-effects rather than explicit emitter outputs, so that developers using those object builders do not need to filter the emitter returns. Clean targets were added to the side-effect files; thus, resolving the original intention of *.linkinfo files being returned. - William Blevins

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