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Releases: africanmathsinitiative/R-Instat


25 May 10:29
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0.7.13 Pre-release
Merge pull request #8355 from lloyddewit/CrowdInMerge8332

Merged CrowdIn changes from PR #8332 into translations table in database


25 May 10:29
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0.7.12 Pre-release

Update release.yml


25 May 10:28
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0.7.11 Pre-release



  • Changed underlying R function in dlgOneVariable Summarise > customised tab (from mmtable function to gt function) (#8330)
  • Ensured that variables fill automatically in Make date dialog (#8260)
  • Improved default output startup commands, comments, heights of outputs and R-Instat initialization (#8331)
  • Improved the Data View right click menu (#8341)
  • Added a Use Table dialog (#8145)
  • Enabled plot options in Line Plot dialog. (#8334)
  • Add label options to the Mapping dialog (#8305)
  • Improved the back-to-back charts in the Bar Chart dialog (#8326)
  • Improved layout of New Data Frame dialog (#8322)
  • Added drop variables feature to Stack(Pivot Longer) dialog (#8318)
  • Added options in New Themes subdialog for frequency and summary tables. (#8027)
  • Changed mmtable2() to gt() in Describe < Tables dialog (#8259)
  • Added a layer parameter for density ridges (#8289)
  • Reorder items and added View (HTML) items on data frame right click menu (#8292)
  • Minor changes to the Insert Column/Rows dialog (#8287)
  • Simplified the use of comments when a data frame does not have key variables in Add Comment dialog (#8257)
  • Renamed first radio button in New Data Frame dialog (#8255)
  • Ensured that 'tmin' & 'rain' fill automatically in Climatic Boxplot dialog (#8243)
  • Provide default station column in Fill Date Gaps dialog (#8241)
  • Added Bayesian keyboard to the Model dialog (#8249)
  • Improved layout of Main Menu Toolbar (#8252)
  • Moved the log window to the first tab in the script window (#8191)
  • Improved the R code produced by One Variable > Summarise dialog (#8182)
  • Improved Rhelp for Model Menu Dialogs (#8181)
  • Added Selected Items label to multiple receivers for dialogs in Prepare > Databook sub menu (#8205)
  • Reset the Data View scroll bar to the top (#8233)
  • Increased the number of preview lines in Import dialog (#8208)
  • Added x2 (tmax) x3 (tmin) and x5 (rain) elements to Define Climatic dialog (#8227)
  • Ensure that Filter dialog always reopens in default state (#8222)
  • Made day column the default button in the Climatic > Tidy > Tidy Daily Data dialog (#8218)
  • Ensured that year fills automatically in PICSA dialogs (#8226)
  • Ensured that rainfall is filled automatically in Climatic > Check QC Rainfall dialog (#8221)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Ensured that Key checkbox correctly set in Row Names/Numbers dialog (#8290)
  • Ensured that View/Delete Labels dialog works correctly when just one variable (#8343)
  • Ensured that text containing apostrophes (single quotes) is correctly translated (#8344)
  • Ensured that Bar Chart dialog opens with the correct settings, and improved formatting (#8316)
  • Ensured that Import Dataset dialog does not hang when opened in French (#8329)
  • Ensured that R script generated by Climatic Summary dialog is correct (#8327)
  • Ensured that tool bar tool tips translate correctly between English and other languages (#8315)
  • Ensured that 'Code generated by' comment includes dialog name (#8312)
  • Ensured that Element field can be changed in Climatic Boxplot dialog (#8302)
  • Ensured that Climatic > Check Data > Display Daily Data dialog works in non-English languages (#8293)
  • Ensure that list of last 10 opened dialogs is displayed in correct language (#8295)
  • Ensured that 'Colour Columns by Structure' check box works correctly in Column Structure dialog (#8240)
  • Fixed bug in Describe> Multivariate> Canonical Correlation Analysis dialog (#8206)
  • Ensured that number of indices selected is in the middle of the message in Climdex Indices dialog (#8228)
  • Fixed factor level order for summary-variable type in Table Summaries (#8211)
  • Fixed a bug in Tidy Climatic Data dialog (#8204)


03 Mar 10:04
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0.7.10 Pre-release

What's Changed

Full Changelog: v0.7.8...v0.7.10


03 Mar 10:02
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0.7.9 Pre-release
Merge pull request #8175 from MeSophie/ScatterplotLabel8128

Added Label on Scatter Plot Dialog.


31 Jan 19:14
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0.7.8 Pre-release


  • Added Scale/Distance & Random Split dialogs to the database (#7926)
  • New Crowdin updates (#7677)


  • Added Complex Numbers keyboard to Calculator (#8026)
  • Improved output viewer (#8010)
  • Added summary statistics in output tables for date variables (#7925)
  • Ensured that the selected sheet in the Data View is maintained after reordering (#8007)
  • Added Multiple Response button in Frequency/Summary Tables (#8002)
  • Improved consistency/readability of Describe menu (#7995)
  • Added new options to Evapotranspiration dialog (#7958)
  • Added random sampling to Probability keyboard in Calculator dialog (#7991)
  • Added Expand button to the Stack dialog (#7967)
  • Added Apsimx Examples dialog (#7851)
  • Added support for viewing graphs in plotly through the last graph menu (#7990)
  • Improved Define New Filter dialog (#7893)
  • Implemented Tab and arrow keys in Data grid (#7973)
  • Added summaries for frequency data in the Calculator dialog (#7970)
  • Added new humidity elements into the Define Climatic Dialog (#7972)
  • Improved Hide/Unhide Dataframe(s) dialog (#7905)
  • Added extra features to Climatic > Model > Extremes dialog (#7721)
  • Enhanced the output viewer to display html outputs (in windows machines), improve viewing of graphs and text outputs and improve processing of objects (#7853)
  • Enhanced New Dataframe dialog (#7964)
  • Added extra options to the Bar and Pie Chart dialogs (#7928)
  • In Import dialog, read a JSON file with equal lengths of lists (#7946)
  • Added more keys to the Prepare > Calculator > Transform Keyboard (#7954)
  • Added Options subdialog to Two variables, Frequency/summary and Column Summaries dialogs (#7923)
  • Improved Calculator Integer keyboard (#7907)
  • Improved plot options in Options by Context dialog (#7637)
  • In Data Frame Metadata grid, displays filtered columns and row in red (#7900)
  • Allow user to go to a specific row/column page (#7924)
  • In Column Metadata grid, display columns selected in DataView in red (#7919)
  • Added automatic indentation and code folding to the Script window (#7903)
  • Improved Wakefield keyboard in the Calculator dialog (#7904)
  • Added Import From RapidPro Dialog (#7867)
  • Extended the PCA dialog (#7869)
  • Extended the Calculator Integer keyboard (#7826)
  • In the Script window, improved the usability of brackets and quotes (#7899)
  • Added new features to script window (#7871)
  • Improved list names and default values in File > New Data Frame dialog (#7788)
  • Added Spanish language option (#7882)
  • Added counts with percentages option to summary function in Describe > Specific Tables/Graphs > Summary Tables dialog (#7784)
  • Improved plot options in Desribe>Graphs>Heatmap dialog (#7780)
  • Changed the Summary Table Percentages multiple factor to a single factor in Describe > Specific Tables/Graphs > Summary Tables Dialog (#7685)
  • Added more distributions to General Fit Model dialog (#7836)
  • Added date time and time data types to column headers (#7832)
  • Updated Parallel Coordinate dialog's Plot Options to new drop-down button system (#7580)
  • Improved the Probability and Integer keyboards in the Calculator (#7823)
  • Changed the maximum factor default value to 12 in One Variable Summary dialog (#7827)
  • Translate 'Code generated by dialog,' comment to the current language (e.g. French) (#7783)
  • Added reverse function to the calculator string keyboard (#7813)
  • Included list variables in the Prepare> Column: Text Options dialog (#7790)
  • Adjusted layout of Climatic menu dialogs to allow longer French text (#7796)
  • Cosmetic improvement to the stack dialog (#7802)
  • Added Russian language option (beta) (#7764)
  • Updated Histogram dialog's Plot Options to the new system (#7572)
  • In End of Rains Season dialog, increased capacity default from 1 to 100 (#7711)
  • Modified the plot options in Mosaic Plot dialog (#7652)
  • Added Chrolopleth map to the Heat Map dialog (#7143)
  • Added factor level order feature to the Describe > Two/Three Variable > Pivot Table dialog (#7657)
  • Increased the default maximum number of columns to display to 50 (#7693)
  • Added prime keys to the Calculator dialog (#7638)
  • Improved the Describe > One Variable >Rating Data dialog (#7623)
  • Added filter for empty rows in Define New Filter dialog (#7629)
  • Added Lists in the New Data Frame dialog (#7468)
  • Added more keys to the Integer Keyboard (#7593)
  • Added Skim radio button and the Omit Missing button to the One Variable Summaries Dialog (#7595)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Made small aesthetic fixes to Line Plot dialog (#7951)
  • In Make Date dialog, ensured that default position of the resulting date variable is before the year variable (not after) (#8021)
  • Ensured that Column Structure dialog reopens with correct settings (#8028)
  • Ensured that script window is not corrupted when auto-save triggered (#7988)
  • Fixed small bugs in Add Prepare > Data Frame > Add (Merge) Data dialog (#7933)
  • Corrected misleading message in Tools > Install R package dialogue (#7718)
  • Fixed bug in Climatic Summary dialog (#7715)
  • Ensured big numbers can be displayed in Data View grid (#7937)
  • Ensured correct result from 3-way frequencies dialog (#7916)
  • Fixed error message in Script window (#7935)
  • Ensured that the 'Try' message in the Calculator, and some other diogs, is correctly translated (e.g. to/from French) (#7883)
  • Fixed a bug when reversing y-axis order in Density/Ridges plot in Histogram dialog (#7763)
  • Ensured that button toggles from "Select All" To "Deselect All" in Factors sub-dialog (#7859)
  • Corrected spacing and updated plot options to new system in Points (Scatter) Plot dialog (#7574)
  • Ensured that 'Difference' checkbox has persistent state in Climatic > Check Data > QC Temperature dialog (#7666)
  • Ensured that generated script correct even after dialog reload in Describe > Specific Tables/Graphs > Line Plot Option (#7824)
  • In the Prepare > DataFrame > Filter Row dialog, ensured that filter is updated when a dataset is deleted and reopened (#7787)
  • Improved behavior of position control in the Prepare > Data Frame > Row Numbers/Names dialog (#7781)
  • In the Prepare>Data Frame > Delete Column/ Rows dialog, after deleting rows ensure the new number of rows is displayed (#7776)
  • Fixed a bug when reversing y-axis order in Density/Ridges plot in Histogram dialog (#7644)
  • Made PICSA Graphs sub-dialogs' titles consistent with PICSA Graphs dialogs (#7730)
  • Minor bug fix and design adjustment in Select Columns Dialog (#7725)
  • Set 'counts' as default 'Stats' value in Histogram Plot dialog (#7717)
  • Fixed the graphics axes issue in the General Graphics dialog. (#7682)
  • Ensured that dataframe can be renamed in Data Frame MetaData Grid (#7571)
  • Enabled Tmin and Tmax autofill automatically in Transform dialog (#7669)
  • Removing unwanted base space in Conditional Quantile Plot dialog (#7667)
  • Prevented user-entered text from being translated (e.g. to French) in File Import and Rename Columns dialogs (#7591)
  • Ensured that Y-axis settings are persistent when closing/re-opening PICSA Rainfall dialog (#7612)
  • Ensured that R script with unclosed brackets treated as incomplete R statement (#7610)
  • In Row Numbers or Names dialog, if content is a row number, then ensured that the resulting variable is numeric (#7569)
  • Ensured that date-type variables return NA if sum is performed in a calculation (#7596)

🌦️ Climatic

  • Fixed bug with Degree option in Climatic > Prepare > Transform dialog (#7785)
  • Fixed minor bug in Climatic>Tidy and Examine>Data daily Dialog (#7520)


06 Jul 12:03
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0.7.7 Pre-release
Merge pull request #7425 from Vitalis95/ViewGraphdlg

Added option to Use Graph dialog


06 Jul 12:04
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0.7.6 Pre-release



  • Added option to Use Graph dialog (#7425)
  • Renamed 'Options by Context' menu option to Experiments, added placeholder menu option for 'Crop Models' (#7575)
  • Implemented PICSA Temperature Graphs and PICSA General Graphs dialogs (#7564)
  • Added labels for the unused levels in Prepare>Column: Factor>Remove Unused Levels dialog (#7548)
  • Improved the Scale/Distance dialog (#7478)
  • Added Integer Keyboard to the Calculator (#7490)
  • Added menu items under the selector add button (#7552)
  • Added 2 more stats to the list of stats and geoms (#7553)
  • Added Point and Label options to the drop down menu in the Mapping dialog (#7542)
  • Improved reordering of data frame tabs in Data View (#7508)
  • Changed the defaults of Correlation dialog to be '2/3 Variables' or 'Multivariate' depending on menu option used to open dialog (#7536)
  • Converted output produced to character or numeric in correlation dialog (#7500)
  • Improved plot options in Climatic > PICSA > Rainfall Graphs dialog (#7505)
  • Ensured that Column Metadata window opens with the default selected dataset in the Data View (#7526)
  • Added missing Geoms to the plot options in the Climatic>Mapping>Map sub dialog (#7506)
  • Small improvement in the Prepare > Data Frame > Row Numbers/Names dialog (#7523)
  • Added three Replace options in the Find/Replace dialog (#7484)
  • Added feature to ensure that the width of the grid row name column is wide enough to display the longest row name (#7510)
  • Combined the last dialog and last 10 dialogs tool bars into one (#7445)
  • Adding cluster analysis dialog to R-Instat (#6993)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug related to reordering of data frame tabs in Data View (#7567)
  • Fixed plotting bug on PICSA Rainfall Graph dialog (#7561)
  • Fixed bugs in PICSA Rainfall Dialogue (#7549)
  • Ensure that each column has a valid R name in File > New Data Frame (#7530)
  • Made titles visible in Themes subdialog (#7554)
  • Ensured that data selector(columns, graphs, filters) refreshes when new data is created (#7541)
  • Fixed bug in selecting of all factors (#7544)
  • Made Text file preview be shown on Linux Version (#7185)
  • Removed the Data Type restriction for the Prepare > Check Data > View/Delete Labels dialog (#7527)
  • Fixed minor bug in Prepare>Data Frame>Rename Columns dialog (#7427)
  • Ensure that previously entered period is restored when Climatic>Tidy>Daily Data dialog is reopened (#7521)
  • Fixed grid row sizes for shape file data frames (#7516)
  • Fixed bug in the Start of Rains Dialog (#7492)
  • In Summary Tables dialog, prevented error message triggered by invalid R code (#7463)
  • Fixed minor issues in the Prepare>Date>Make Date dialog (#7353)
  • Bug fixed: File > Close Data Book (#7482)
  • Ignore column selection when adding a new variable (#7471)
  • In Prepare > Add (Merge) Columns dialog, ensure that data frames with different key column names can still be merged (#7474)
  • In Prepare>Data Reshape>Transpose Columns, ensured that New Names field is initially empty empty when Dialog is opened (#7467)
  • Ensured correct order of added ranked variables in the Prepare>column:Numeric>Row Summaries dialog (#7466)

🌦️ Climatic

  • Made Annual button default and Station button to be last in Climatic Summaries dialog (#7480)
  • Fixes Climatic Boxplot Dialogue (#7487)
  • Bug fix: correct maximum date when filling missing dates (ensure complete years option) (#7501)
  • Combined the three plot options buttons in Climatic Maps (#7481)


13 May 11:51
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0.7.5 Pre-release


  • updated R packages and versions (#7444)
  • Improved help file within which most of the dialogue help for the File and Prepare menus has been added. (#7439)
  • Display the data viewer selected sheet when the selected data frame in the dialog's selector is not the same as that of the data viewer (#7404)
  • Minor changes to the Translations (#7419)
  • Partially Fixes issue #6903 ( Prepare>Data Reshape>Random Subset ) (#7133)


  • Improvements to the Describe > Two\Three Variable > Summaries dialog (#7442)
  • Linked Singly used sub-dialogs to their sub-help (#7449)
  • In Climatic Maps dialog, improved error handling for invalid scripts (#7453)
  • Reordered columns on the DataFrame Metadata grid (#7402)
  • Small improvements to the Prepare > Check Data > Duplicates dialog (#7354)
  • Added a feature to convert year from 2-digit year to 4-digit in the Climatic> Prepare> Conversions dialog (#7329)
  • Improved Prepare > Column: Numeric > Row Statistics dialog (#7248)
  • Extended Prepare>Data Reshape>Transpose and ensured consistent with Tidyverse (#7220)
  • Updated the Correlations dialog to use the newer 'corrr' package (#7356)
  • Improved the Describe > One Variable > Summarise dialog (#7410)
  • Added R skimr package (#7429)
  • Moved View/Delete labels dialogue from Factor menu to Check Data menu (#7391)
  • Improvements to the Prepare> Factor> View/Delete Labels dialog (#7362)
  • In File > New Dataframe, added the Sequence data type to the new dataframe grid (#7399)
  • Minor Changes to Column:Text > Transform Dialogue (#7416)
  • Minor improvements to the Contrasts dialog. (#7411)
  • Improves the use of long datasets with the Regular sequence dialog. (#7395)
  • In Prepare > Data Object > Rename Data Frame dialog, if original label exists, then include it (#7417)
  • Added With Replacement check box to Sample/Permute Rows dialog (#7390)
  • Enabled importing of data frames with duplicate column names (#7380)
  • Made loading wide files into dialogs more efficient (#7322)
  • Enhanced the 'OK' and 'To Script' buttons to allow dialog to stay open after button clicked (#7326)
  • Added option on File > New Data Frame to provide variable names (#7194)
  • Renaming items and adding Three-Way Frequencies and Pivot-table(summaries) dialogs in Two/Three Variables sub-menu. (#7324)
  • Improved Options by Context > Prepare > Merge Additional Data dialog (#7347)
  • Added an option to Add Key for the new column in Prepare>Data Frame>Row Numbers/Names dialog (#7345)
  • Added an option to select variables by value labels in Select Columns dialog (#7348)
  • Export dialog enhancement (#7328)
  • Combined the Frequency and Summary Table dialogs into one dialog (#7325)
  • Improvements to the Three Variable Pivot Table dialog i.e adding the third Numeric optional receiver and related functionality (#7334)
  • Added double-click (and other small improvements) to Import from Library dialog (#7342)
  • Updated the data view info when selection is applied (#7278)
  • Renaming sub-menu items in Describe, Prepare, Climatic and Option by Context menus and Right Clicks. (#7308)
  • Improvements on the grid in the Contrasts dialog. (#7251)
  • Improved the Two Variables Graph dialog (#7307)
  • Added more options to rename multiple columns (#7208)
  • Added Help to each right-click menu and also to the script window (#7268)
  • Added an option to include frequencies into the Prepare>Column: Factor> Factor Data Frame Dialogue (#7282)
  • Added delete of value labels to the Prepare > Column: Factor > View Levels/Labels dialogue using delete key in column metadata (#7247)
  • Added up arrow button to Import Dataset Dialog (#7184)
  • Added option in Column Selection dialog to copy column selection into a separate data frame (#7276)
  • Added options for renaming and deleting column selections (#7263)
  • Added distributions to show model, random samples and general dialogs (#7175)
  • Added logical operations into Prepare>Column: Numeric>Transform dialog (#7238)
  • Changed variable text colour when columns selection is applied (#7261)
  • Added an option to detect and report on empty columns into delete rows/columns dialog (#7216)
  • Added Pairs radio buttons to the Describe > Two Variables > Graphs dialog (#7245)
  • Added options to select columns by variable type, labelled variables, empty variables and NA variables (#7226)
  • Column structure dialogue moved from prepare menu to options by context menu (#7250)
  • Added delete feature to the Data View window (#7186)
  • Added rcorpora and mlbench Packages for datasets (#7233)
  • Added 2 new geoms from the moderndive package (#7218)
  • Enabled grid to reflect the current columns selected (#7200)
  • Enabled running multiple instances of R-Instat (#7207)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug when colour is applied in the dataset from Data View window (#7355)
  • Minor bug fixed in the Merge Dialogue (#7415)
  • Fixes updating of the selector when the columns metadata changes (#7432)
  • Made the change to the metadata to update the Data Frame Metadata grid (#7423)
  • In Column: Text > Split code, fixed a bug when another dataset is loaded in 'Into Binary Columns button' (#7424)
  • Ensure that parameters can be edited in Random Samples dialog (#7412)
  • Allow R script to contain '<' and '>' symbols; also allow line breaks in constant strings (#7386)
  • Fixed bug related to deleting a dataframe in the Data View window (#7403)
  • Deleting labels in the new column created in Calculator and Transform Dialogues (#7321)
  • If error thrown when retrieving data frames from R, then handle error and display user message (#7381)
  • Fixed refreshing of Selector control when new column added (#7393)
  • In Merge Additional Data dialog, ensured that data sets with different lengths can be merged (#7383)
  • In grid, ensured that 'Levels/labels' option is only enabled when cell is a factor or ordered factor (#7375)
  • Fixed bug related to data frame length in Prepare > Numeric > Regular Sequence dialog (#7369)
  • Allow importing of data frames with same names from RDS files (#7336)
  • Fixing limits issue in Temperature Quality Control dialog (#7352)
  • Fixed the bug on the result produced by PICSA when the Facets is by row or column (#7344)
  • Fixes the Regular Sequence dialog bug, refactors and improves its code (#7231)
  • Fixing bugs in the Lollipop Option in the Bar Chart dialog (#7314)
  • Corrected the convert in Numeric Popup dialog (#7300)
  • Fixes small bug on the Climatic>Check Data>Inventory Plot dialogue (#7283)
  • Corrected the error on the check values type in Non Numeric Dialogue (#7312)
  • Added delete labels to the new recoded factor column in Recode Factor Dialogue (#7291)
  • Hide drop empty rows checkbox when no file is selected in import dataset dialog (#7253)
  • fixes sizing of geom list with aes (#7302)
  • Corrected and fixed the oddity in the Climatic Data Entry Dialogue (#7284)
  • Fixed bug on the factor levels control being hidden in some dialogs (#7271)
  • Ensured that Delete Cells works correctly for Linux grids (#7252)
  • Fixing Reset issue in Prepare>Numeric>Transform dialog (#7188)
  • Ensure output window always scrolls to bottom when new output is added (#7219)
  • Small corrections to Prepare> Dataframe> Insert columns/rows dialog (#7140)
  • Prevented text overflow in Column Metadata grid (#7211)
  • Added fastDummies and removed redundant dummies R packages (#7223)
  • Removed 'Use unique names for comparisons checkbox' in Compare Columns dialog (#7214)
  • Ensure that list of recent files does not contain duplicates (#7195)
  • Fixed the numeric and factor options mix in the Duplicate Column dialog (#7201)
  • Fixed position error when user changes the selected data frame in dialogs (#7191)

🌦️ Climatic

  • Naming and adding textboxes into Qc temperature dialog (#7265)


31 Jan 08:32
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0.7.4 Pre-release


  • New Tab-based Output Window (#6995)
  • Added a Linux compatible DataGrid (if running in Linux) (#6991)
  • Updated R packages and R version to 4.1.2 (#7169)
  • Added sub dialog for formatting tables (#7178)
  • Changed Unstack (pivot wider) dialog to use pivot_wider function (#6884)
  • Added Degree button to the Climate>Prepare>Transform dialog (#7068)
  • Added new features to Prepare > Column: Text > Find/Replace dialog (#7141)
  • Added Random number generator checkbox to Random Sample dialog (#7117)
  • Changed default on File > New Data Frame (#7156)
  • Added the facets angle on the inventory sub dialog (#7104)
  • Added recode options into recode numeric dialog (#7136)
  • Variables in summary tables now appear in the order they are put in the receiver (#7128)
  • Updated the Prepare>Data Reshape>Merge title to Merge (Join) (#7122)
  • Added column selection feature into the right clicks (#7033)
  • Changed checkbox label from Seed to Set Seed in Random subsets dialog (#7116)
  • Implemented the regex sub dialog under Prepare > Column:Text > Find/Replace Dialogue (#7118)
  • Added Violin Plot, Box Plot, Line Graph and Dot Plot to Two Way Frequency Sub Dialog (#6916)
  • Updated AutoScaleMode setting in all dialogs to ensure correct display in Linux and older Windows versions (#7086)
  • Improved error messages in Try dialog (#7051)
  • In Open From Library dialog, open R script file and write to the Script Window, also added Niger script file (#7038)
  • Improved the Climatic > Prepare > Conversions dialog (#6985)
  • Added a dialog to prepare data for cluster analysis (#6812)
  • Added Dumbbell and Slope graphs (#6756)
  • Detect and remove empty columns and rows while importing data (#6966)
  • Added mechanism to ignore specified UI controls when translating to a different language (e.g. to French) (#6621)
  • Added Script dialog (#7028)
  • Added Scale and Non-Negative buttons to the Transform dialog (#6878)
  • Added template option to the Structure > Circular > Define dialog (#6982)
  • Replace form.Hide with form.Close in order to work on Linux (#6954)
  • Improvements to Stack (Pivot Longer) dialog (#6876)
  • Added context numbers to the repeatedly used sub-dialogs and linked them to Help Information (#6960)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • In Script dialog, correctly execute command copied to Output window (#7168)
  • Small change to the facet label size on the Inventory subdialog (#7155)
  • Sorted out efficiency and correctly labelling of quarter abbreviations in the Use Date dialog (#7137)
  • Resolved issues with layout of the Regular Sequence Dialog (#7139)
  • Fixed the message to not appear when no data is loaded (#7109)
  • Removed Windows progress bar for Linux version and sizes Library dialog display (#7105)
  • Ipdated paths to use / instead of \ in some places for Linux version (#7100)
  • Fixing order of labels in the summary tables R code (#7084)
  • Fixed bug on Climatic > Inventory Plot dialog (#7090)
  • Fixed error that triggered error dialog in Display Daily dialog (#7053)
  • Small corrections to the Evapotranspiration dialog design (#7035)
  • Dynamically resize info text in Data View (#7059)
  • Made the Try text box non-editable on the Calculator dialog (#7055)
  • Corrected the OK condition in Climatic > Check Data > QC Rainfall dialog (#7056)
  • Made the Message text box non-editable on the Remove Unused Levels dialog (#7057)
  • Corrected typo in title of Evapotranspiration dialog (#7040)
  • Small fixes on opening the dataset from DataView Window and set the activated links colour under Start and Help consistent to the Recent (#7018)
  • Corrected and improved the Prepare > Column: Text > Split dialog (#6892)
  • Bug fixed when reading data sets from library (#6974)

🌦️ Climatic

  • Updated the Infilling daily climatic dialog to use the new chillR::patch_daily_temps() function plus minor improvement (#6935)
  • Replaced splines::ns with new splines2::naturalSpline in the Seasonal Comparison dialog (#7124)
  • Bug fixed when the Filter is applied in Climatic>Prepare>SPI/SPEI dialog (#6959)
  • Resolved 'argument "x" is missing, with no default' error in Climatic>Boxplot dialog (#7126)
  • Fixed label display for the checkboxes in the Climsoft Wizard dialog (#6987)
  • Changed the increment in the acceptable range controls in the Climatic Check Data Temperature dialog (plus other small enhancements) (#6973)
  • Fixed button position issue in the Climatic Data Entry subdialog (#7144)