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Preparing the mesoSPIM galvo drivers

Thorlabs scanners vs. other scanners

Ideally, the mesoSPIM is using a 15 mm galvo scanner in each excitation path. Oftentimes, however, the lead times for 15 mm scanners are long (8-10 weeks). In addition, we are currently solving thermal issues with a set of Scanlab 15 mm galvo scanners. It is therefore recommended to start building the microscope with a set of Thorlabs 10 mm scanners which is usually availble with short lead times. This leads to a reduction in excitation NA from 0.15 to 0.1, which in turn leads to slightly worse shadow reduction / avoidance.

Preparing the Thorlabs scanners

The manual for the Thorlabs scanners is available here

Necessary parts and tools

  • 2x GVS211/M or GVS011/M scanners with driver boards
  • 1x GPS011 Galvo System Linear Power Supply
  • 2x GCE001 Galvo Driver Card Cover
  • 2-4x female BNC connectors
  • Drill press

Adding a BNC connector to the scanner housing

The driver is supplied with a connectorized cable for the J7 command input.

  • solder the PIN 7 of this connector to BNC GND
  • solder the PIN 2 wire from this connector to BNC GND
  • solder the PIN 1 wire from this connector to the BNC signal pin
  • drill a hole for the BNC command input into the GCE001 galvo card cover
  • do the same for the second galvo driver

Installing the heatsink

If the drivers should be placed below the excitation breadboards, install the heatsinks so that the heatsinks stick out to the bottom and attach a post in the slot of the galvo driver to mount to the breadboard. This also helps with the short cable length from the galvo driver to the scanner.

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Scanlab drivers

Scanlab drivers & mount

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