Aztec Code

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Aztec Code

Aztec Code is a 2D matrix-style barcode symbology. It can encode full 256-character extended-ASCII.


  • Aztec Runes are a set of small barcode symbols that are used for special applications.

Standards: ISO/IEC 24778, ANSI/AIM BC13 - ISS Aztec Code.

Data and Options

  • The data field can contain any extended ASCII data.
  • When the parse option is specified, any instances of ^NNN in the data field are replaced with their equivalent ASCII value, useful for specifying unprintable characters.
  • The eclevel option is used to specify the percentage of error correction to be applied when expanding the data, by default 23.
  • The ecaddchars option is used to specify how many additional error correction characters to apply the data once expanded by the eclevel percentage, by default 3.
  • The layers option is used to specify a particular number of layers in which to encode the data, between 1 and 32. By default the encoder will create a symbol with be minimal number of layers to encode the given data.
  • The format option is used to select between format=full and format=compact symbol types. By default the encoder will choose the most appropriate format to create a symbol of minimal size.
  • Deprecated: Use Aztec Runes instead. The format option can also be used to create Aztec Code "runes", using format=rune. In this case the rune symbol number should be given in the data field.
  • The readerinit option denotes that the symbol is used for programming the barcode reader.
  • The raw option denotes that the data field is providing the input as a pre-encoded bitstream suitable for direct low-level encoding.


Data:    This is Aztec Code
Encoder: azteccode

Data:    This is ^065ztec Code
Options: parse eclevel=50 ecaddchars=0
Encoder: azteccode

Data:    ABC123
Options: layers=3 format=full
Encoder: azteccode

Data:    ABC123
Options: format=compact
Encoder: azteccode

Data:    00100111001000000101001101111000010100111100101000000110
Options: raw
Encoder: azteccode