Options Reference

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Note that besides these general options some encoders have additional options that are specified in the reference page for the barcode symbology.

Property Options
Check digits includecheck, includecheckintext
Input processing parse, parsefnc
Symbol dimensions height, width
Bar properties inkspread, inkspreadh, inkspreadv, dotty
Text properties includetext, textfont, textsize, textgaps, alttext
Text positioning textxalign, textyalign, textxoffset, textyoffset
Border properties showborder, borderwidth, borderleft, borderright, bordertop, borderbottom
Symbol colors barcolor, backgroundcolor, bordercolor, textcolor
EAN/UPC add-ons addontextxoffset, addontextyoffset, addontextfont, addontextsize
EAN/UPC guards guardwhitespace, guardwidth, guardheight, guardleftpos, guardrightpos, guardleftypos, guardrightypos
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