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GS1 DataBar Expanded

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GS1 DataBar Expanded

GS1 DataBar Expanded is a variable-length, linear barcode symbology that can be used to encode a GTIN-14 alongside a number of other application identifiers for use at point of sale.

Also known as: RSS Expanded.


Standards: ISO/IEC 24724, ITS Reduced Space Symbology (RSS), AIM ISS - Reduced Space Symbology (RSS), GS1 General Specifications.

Data and Options

  • The data field input is provided in GS1 Application Identifier standard format.
  • Note that it is not necessary to specify FNC1 characters since the encoder will insert these automatically where necessary.
  • Deprecated. The dontlint option disables GS1 Application Identifier syntax validation allowing images to be generated for input that does not comply with GS1 standards.
  • If the data contains a number of application identifiers matching any of the specifications below then they should be provided in this given order for maximum encoding efficiency:
    • (01)9...(3103)...
    • (01)9...(3202)...
    • (01)9...(3203)...
    • (01)9...(310x/320x)...(11/13/15/17)...
    • (01)9...(310x/320x)...
    • (01)9...(392x)...
    • (01)9...(393x)...
    • (01)...
  • Deprecated: For internal use. The linkage option signifies the presence of a GS1 composite 2D component.


Data:    (01)95012345678903(3103)000123
Encoder: databarexpanded

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