Code 93

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Code 93

Code 93 is a continuous, variable length, self-checking barcode symbology.

Also known as: USD-7, USS-93.


  • Code 93 Extended is a variant of Code 93 that can be used to encode full 128 character ASCII with the use of special shift character combinations.

Standards: ANSI/AIM BC5 - USS Code 93, ITS 93i.

Data and Options

  • The data field can hold any of the following:
    • Numbers 0-9
    • Capital letters A-Z
    • Symbols -.$/+%* and space
  • Deprecated: For internal use. The parsefnc option allows the special shift characters to be supplied as ^SFT$, ^SFT%, ^SFT/ and ^SFT+.
  • The includecheck option calculates the two check digits.


Data:    CODE93
Options: includecheck
Encoder: code93

Code 93 including a special shift combination (/)A representing !:

Data:    CODE93^SFT/A
Options: parsefnc includecheck
Encoder: code93