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An ISSN barcode is an EAN-13 with prefix 977 used to identify periodicals.

Also known as: International Standard Serial Number.

Standards: ISO 3297, ISO/IEC 15420, BS EN 797, GS1 General Specifications.

Data and Options

  • The data should contain the seven or eight digits ISSN separated by a dash characters -, followed by a two-digit sequence variant, optionally followed by two or five digits if a two-digit add-on or five-digit add-on is required.
  • If the last digit of the ISSN data is not given then the ISSN check digit is calculated automatically.
  • The includetext option should normally be supplied.
  • The guardwhitespace option enables the display of white space guard marks.
  • The following options are also relevant to this barcode symbology:
    • issntextfont: Font name for text above symbol
    • issntextsize: Font size for the text above symbol, in points
    • issntextxoffset: Horizontal position of ISSN text, in points
    • issntextyoffset: Vertical position of ISSN text, in points

A sequence variant is a two-digit number that usually starts at zero and is incremented whenever the recommended retail price is amended, where applicable.


Identical symbols, input provided with and without an ISSN check digit and having sequence number 00:

0 0 moveto (0317-8471 00) (includetext guardwhitespace)
/issn / findresource exec
0 0 moveto (0317-847 00) (includetext guardwhitespace)
/issn / findresource exec

An ISSN with sequence number 03 and a two-digit add-on representing issue number 17:

0 0 moveto (0317-8471 03 17) (includetext guardwhitespace)
/issn / findresource exec
0 0 moveto (0317-847 03 17) (includetext guardwhitespace)
/issn / findresource exec

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