USPS Intelligent Mail

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USPS Intelligent Mail

The USPS Intelligent Mail barcode is used by the US Postal service to encode the delivery and sender information on letter mail.

Also known as: USPS OneCode.

Standards: USPS-STD-11.

Data and Options

  • The data contains 31 digits representing the following:
    • Barcode Identifier - two digits
    • Service Type Identifier - three digits
    • Mailer ID, Sequence Number - either six then nine digits respectively or nine then six digits respectively
    • Delivery Point ZIP Code - eleven digits
  • The mandatory checksum digit is calculated automatically and must not be included in the data field.


Data:    0123456709498765432101234567891
Options: includetext
Encoder: onecode

Symbologies Reference

Point of Sale

GS1 DataBar

Supply Chain

Two-dimensional Symbols

One-dimensional Symbols

Postal Symbols

Pharmaceutical Symbols

Less-used Symbols

GS1 Composite Symbols

Raw Symbols

Partial Symbols

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