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UPC-E is a compacted form of the UPC-A barcode symbology that usually carries a GTIN-12 with a number system of 0 or 1 that has been zero compressed.


  • UPC-E0 is a UPC-E with a number system of 0.
  • UPC-E1 is a UPC-E with a number system of 1.
  • UPC-E+2 is an extension of UPC-E that includes a two-digit add-on.
  • UPC-E+5 is an extension of UPC-E that includes a five-digit add-on.
  • UPC-A is the full size form of UPC-E.
  • UPC-E Composite is a variant of UPC-E that should be used when a CC-A or CC-B GS1 Composite 2D component is required.

Standards: ISO/IEC 15420, BS EN 797, GS1 General Specifications.

Data and Options

  • The data field takes either seven or eight digits, optionally followed by a space then two or five digits if an EAN-2 or EAN-5 add-on is required.
  • Alternatively, the data field may contain eleven or twelve digits of a UPC-A to produce the equivalent UPC-E symbol, provided that the input can be zero suppressed.
  • If seven digits of primary data are supplied then the check digit is calculated automatically. Otherwise the provided check digit must be correct.
  • The includetext option should normally be supplied.


Identical symbols, input provided with and without a check digit:

Data:    01234565
Options: includetext
Encoder: upce
Data:    0123456
Options: includetext
Encoder: upce

A truncated symbol:

Data:    01234565
Options: includetext height=0.5
Encoder: upce