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Data Matrix Rectangular Extension

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Data Matrix Rectangular Extension

The Data Matrix Rectangular Extension symbology is an enhancement to Data Matrix Rectangular that provides a greater range of symbol dimensions.

Also known as: DMRE.


  • Data Matrix is the standard square variant of the symbology.
  • Data Matrix Rectangular is the original rectangular variant of Data Matrix that provides a limited range of symbol dimensions.

Standards: ISO/IEC 21471.

Data and Options

  • The data field can contain any extended ASCII data. The default interpretation of data by readers is in accordance with ISO/IEC 8859-1. When supported by the receiver characters from other code pages can be encoded using Extended Channel Interpretation (ECI).
  • When the parse option is specified, any instances of ^NNN in the data field are replaced with their equivalent ASCII value. This is useful for specifying unprintable characters.
  • When the parsefnc option is specified, non-data function characters can be specified by escape sequences:
    • ^FNC1: FNC1
    • ^PROG: PROG - Reader programming
    • ^ECI000000 to ^ECI999999: ECI indicators
  • Whenever the data field contains suitable input, the encoder will compress ISO/IEC 15434 structured data (internally using the 05 Macro and 06 Macro codewords.)
  • When the dotty option is specified the modules are rendered as dots rather than squares. The dot radius can be adjusted using the inkspread option.
  • The columns and rows options are used to specify the size of the symbol.
  • The version option can also be used to specify the symbol size, as version=RxC. Valid options are 8x18, 8x32, 8x48, 8x64, 8x80, 8x96, 8x120, 8x144, 12x26, 12x36, 12x64, 12x88, 16x36, 16x48, 16x64, 20x36, 20x44, 20x64, 22x48, 24x48, 24x64, 26x40, 26x48, 26x64.
  • If columns, rows and version are unspecified the encoder will default to creating a symbol that is the minimum size to represent the given data.
  • The raw option denotes that the data field is providing the input as pre-encoded codewords in ^NNN format, suitable for direct low-level encoding.
  • Deprecated: Standard is obsolete. The dindmre option select Data Matrix Rectangular Extension symbols whose dimensions are based on the obsolete DIN standard, rather than the current ISO standard.
    • With dindmre the valid version options are 8x18, 8x32, 8x48, 8x64, 12x26, 12x36, 12x64, 16x36, 16x48, 16x64, 24x32, 24x36, 24x48, 24x64, 26x32, 26x40, 26x48, 26x64.


A DMRE symbol with a fixed size:

Data:    1234
Options: version=8x80
Encoder: datamatrixrectangularextension