Code 93 Extended

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Code 93 Extended

The Code 93 Extended barcode symbology is continuous, variable length and self-checking. It is based on Code 93 but can encode full 128 character ASCII using four additional shift characters: ($) (%) (/) (+)

Also known as: Code 93 Full ASCII.


  • Code 93 is a simpler variant of the Code 93 Extended barcode symbology.

Standards: ANSI/AIM BC5 - USS Code 93, ITS 93i.

Data and Options

  • The data field can consist of any ASCII data.
  • When the parse option is specified, any instances of ^NNN in the data field are replaced with their equivalent ASCII value, useful for specifying unprintable characters, e.g. ^029 for GS, etc.
  • The includecheck option calculates the two check digits.


Data:    Code93Ext!
Options: includecheck
Encoder: code93ext

Data:    Code93^029Extended
Options: parse includecheck
Encoder: code93ext