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To celebrate the release of BBEdit 8.7, CodeIgniter 1.5.4 is now available in your application menu.

In order to remember the arguments available, every clipping contains the arguments from the CodeIgniter user guide within #SELSTART# and #SELEND# placeholders. After inserting a clipping, you can quickly select and navigate arguments for editing or deletion with the usual Control-Tilde keystroke.

It is recommended to establish two additional folders not included in the download: Templates and Snippets. Use Templates for your basic Model, View and Controller. Use Snippets for commonly used code associated with arrays, queries, result generation and so on. Assign your keyboard shortcuts to these Templates and Snippets clippings.

You are now set to unleash the power of CodeIgniter in BBEdit.


Unzip the package and place the entire "CodeIgniter" folder in your application's Clippings Folder (available via a shortcut under the C -> Open Clippings Folder). Under Change Set, choose CodeIgniter.

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