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CIEXtended New PHP ORM Framework

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CIEXtended: The Object-relational mapping PHP Framework

Current Version: 0.9.2 beta (download here)

CIEX (CIEXtended) is a PHP framework based on CI which includes by default an extremely light-weight ORM (object-relational mapping).

The goal of CIEX is to extend what we think CI has missed, and to add some implementations which we think is useful to everyone for everyday use, whilst still keeping the flexibility of CI as much as possible.

[u]We love feedback[/u], and we will base our features in the future heavily on what feedback we get, assuming it is practical and reasonable. So please provide any feedback on any new features you would like to see in the next release(s)!

As CIEX is based on CodeIgniter, it also has an extremely small footprint, in fact probably smaller than CodeIgniter as CIEX has been optimized thoroughly. You should also find that CIEX is easier to use, and more convenient. Some of the missed features in CodeIgniter has been implemented/changed in CIEX, which will make your job (as web developers) more efficient and with ease.

New Features Include:

  • $_GET or $this->input->get() can now be used in conjunction with friendly URLs
  • PHP v5.3 compatible
  • Improved File Upload class, with allow all, disallowed types, MIME/File Extension (or both) checking!
  • More MIME types available and ready to use


  • Modular code separation
  • File structure re-organized
  • Optimizations and tweaks
  • Simple template library
  • Light-weight CIEX ORM

Server Requirements:

  • PHP 5 or later

For more detailed information of what features are in CIEXtended, please visit the documentations page.

If you need to contact us, please do not hesitate to do so here and we will endeavor to respond to your request as soon as possible.

Follow us on twitter: CIEXtended

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