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We are starting a new series of Codeigniter application tutorial. We are going to create a Portfolio CMS by using this free website template from Nettus. The template has index, about, portfolio, services and contact page.

This template has nice jquery effects for showing large images in the index and individual product page. Portfolio page shows all the categories and their product thumbnails. This page leads to a individual product page.

We are going to show you how to convert this html to a Codeigniter powered CMS. We will try to modify BeP code as little as possible. We can achieve this by adding new files rather than adding codes to Bep files. However there are times when we add codes to BeP because it save more time and codes.

First things first. Credits go to the following applications and authors.

Ellis Lab who is behind of Codeigniter Adam Price who is a creator of BackendPro phpletter.com who created Ajax file manager Matt Corner who created the html template Aurelius for Nettus

I'd like to thank them for their work.

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