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Title: Professional CodeIgniter Author: Thomas Myer 336 pages (paperback) Publisher: Wrox (July 28, 2008) Language: English ISBN-10: 0470282452 ISBN-13: 978-0470282458

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There is good things inside this book, like taking a real life situation building an application or the Agile development part. But for me, it sound not like the author try to show how to make things with CI, but it seems like he try to show how to make things using conventional PHP coding. It looks like he tried to learn newbies how to make an application with PHP instead of really using CodeIgniter.

I don’t see any good practice of CI used or something really interesting. For example he could have talked about using a base controller (MY_Controller.php) or he could have better shown how to abstract things in libraries and helpers, instead of this we come with an application with very heavy code all in controllers. Add to this that he don’t use modern development like showing how to use some Ajax with CI.

Finally, there is more story about how he discuss with the client than showing really good practices or advanced technics. I think the author is himself a beginner with CI, and this story with the client discussions really too much detailed become annoying before the middle of the book.

I will not recommend that book to anyone, even not to beginners. Instead it would be better to begin PHP with a conventional good book and then switch to CI by reading the User Guide and asking help on the forums.


Buggy code, Boring book

Even I won't recommend this to anyone. Code has a lot of bugs, and readability sucks.

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